This Moment

Life is full of ups and downs.  I tend to talk/write about the downs.  It’s how I process problems, work through stress, and deal.  I realize that maybe this is painting a lopsided picture, because in actuality life is pretty grand.  But then, is it okay to say that? If I do say it, is that a humble brag, a brag, or just obnoxious?

This morning we went for a walk through the park.  It was sunny, the birds were chirping, R was happy, I was feeling productive.  Then I saw this door…

Someone had the foresight to make this lovely door face a public park and remind passersby to be at peace.  While my daily grind is jam packed with planning meals,  cleaning, entertaining/educating a child, this moment was one that reminded me how lucky I am to have the chance to do all of it.



What’s Your Problem?

This afternoon I had coffee with a dear friend and learned so much about her experience and challenges with her family.  It was a soul baring conversation and it really reminded me that everyone has their challenges in life, whether it be with one’s family, marriage, health, career…there is not a single person out there who leads a charmed life.  And if they appear to, they are really great at creating illusions.

This is not news, I know.  But, I cannot help but dwell on this fact of life for just a minute more.  It makes me so grateful that my challenges are not with my family.  My challenge is with my reproductive organs.  It’s such a relief that my family helps make that challenge a little more manageable as opposed to magnifying it.  I guess it also makes me wonder why we get faced with the problems that we do, and whether I would be as strong as someone else who is faced with something entirely different.  These are all thoughts that will lead me nowhere.  I just wanted to say, whatever your problem/challenge is, keep being strong in spite of it.  You are made into a more amazing person for it.


What’s Your Passion?



Do you believe this?  I recently had a conversation with a colleague about relationships, work, and above all else having a passion that guides you in life.  It was a difficult conversation for me to take part in, because honestly, I had never thought about what my own passion in life might be.  To her, it seemed that unless you had something that you couldn’t get enough of, something you couldn’t stop learning about, something that would never stop making you grow as a person, what were you doing with your life?  Maybe that passion is your career, or maybe it’s what you do in your leisure time, but everyone has a passion (so she believes).

My contribution to that conversation was, “What if you don’t?”  Then I started thinking about what my passion could be. She made it sound like your passion was your world. So I thought: Is it teaching?  probably not.  Is it creating objects whether it be quilts, scarves, paintings…? I do love that.  But crafting doesn’t qualify as a passion, does it?  Is it my family and friends?  I absolutely love spending time with them and talking with them, but are people a passion?  I like traveling! Although, I’ve seen people way more passionate about traveling than myself.  At the end of this conversation I felt rather inferior for being a passionless bore.

Then I remembered, I really like my life.  I like blogging when I feel like it, I like being able to travel when we can, I like shopping with friends, I like going on pinterest for hours, I like lounging with my hubby and watching tv…Maybe I don’t have a fervor for any one thing that consumes me, but eh, I don’t mind.  She might say that I’m wasting my life away, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

So my question to you: Do you think having a passion is essential to getting the most out of life?  If so, what’s your passion?