Moving On

This blog was started as a way to document my journey in Seattle and through infertility.  Three years later it has grown into so much more.  It’s a place I can think through issues I face as a new parent, a forum for sharing my favorite recipes, and a place to remember my adventures in eating and travel.

If you know anything about me, you know that I love blogging and I am constantly creating new blogs.  It makes me a little sad to think I’ve outgrown this blog, but I think it is time that A Neon Princess be retired.  I am ready to move on to my next diary.  This new place will hopefully last me through many years to come.  I will be sharing more about the things that make me smile, and of course the things that make me think.  I hope you’ll join me over at Mary’s Loves. I haven’t posted anything quite yet, but it’ll be coming very soon.

See you there!


This Moment

Life is full of ups and downs.  I tend to talk/write about the downs.  It’s how I process problems, work through stress, and deal.  I realize that maybe this is painting a lopsided picture, because in actuality life is pretty grand.  But then, is it okay to say that? If I do say it, is that a humble brag, a brag, or just obnoxious?

This morning we went for a walk through the park.  It was sunny, the birds were chirping, R was happy, I was feeling productive.  Then I saw this door…

Someone had the foresight to make this lovely door face a public park and remind passersby to be at peace.  While my daily grind is jam packed with planning meals,  cleaning, entertaining/educating a child, this moment was one that reminded me how lucky I am to have the chance to do all of it.


Girlfriends Go Out: Augustine


Making time for yourself is hard.  Making time for yourself as a stay at home mom to a newborn or toddler can seem impossible.  But if you have one REALLY great friend, you can totally make it happen.

The transition to new motherhood was not the easiest for me.  (Read all about my breastfeeding trauma here.) I let certain challenges really define my success as a new mom.  I found myself obsessed with being the perfect mom (whatever that meant), and dealt with baby blues without even knowing it.  My soul sister/partner in crime over at A Lovely State of Mind recognized when I needed a minute just to be me.  She’d come over and take me out for a walk around the block and just let me unload.  That was kind of the beginning of our once a week girlfriend dates.

These dates can be anything from coffee to pajama parties to bourgeois wine bars like Augustine.  Last week, that’s where wine night took us.  While the conversation may steer toward motherhood (usually my bad), just being out in the world as an individual can be rejuvenating.  Here’s a quick list of pros and cons for the small wine bar in Sherman Oaks.


  • romantic/cute ambience (like this needlepoint detail at the cute two person booth we sat in)
  • yummy wines
  • close to home
  • delicious cheese/meat plates and appetizers
  • friendly bartender who is willing to spend time helping you choose the right wine


  • older and slightly douchey crowd
  • pricey wines
  • attractive bartender that all the cougars want to flirt with, therefore making your wait to order wine or food a little long

All in all a really cute place to get a little dolled up and grab a good glass of wine with a girlfriend.

Augustine Wine Bar

13456 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91423


Nap Time Over


It occurs to me that I’ve been MIA for almost a full year.  What in the world could have caused that to happen? Hmmm…

But here’s my first attempt to resurrect this blog. I say “first” because I’m no fool.  I fully anticipate getting sidetracked by life.  Let’s see how long this attempt lasts.

You have The Less Than Domestic Goddess to thank for this.  I stumbled upon her very own blog revival and got inspired.

Time to dust off my keyboard, this mama’s nap time is over!

A Bad Dream

After our transfer and first positive beta, I had a terrible dream.  I thought if I didn’t talk about it, the universe couldn’t know it was a possibility and it couldn’t happen.  Yes, my bad dream had to do with being on the toilet and finding clumps of blood.

I tried to tell myself that miscarriage after two positive betas can’t be that common.  If it’s implanted, it will surely stay.  The universe was giving us a gift on my birthday, it was all meant to be.  It was going to be fine…more than fine.  I could feel the little guy tugging away on my side.  He was growing good.  I could feel it. I knew…

Except you don’t ever know, do you? Today I am 5weeks and 6 days pregnant. Except I may not be, really. Last night I started getting painful cramps across my lower abdomen. My ovaries felt cramped and I started spotting pink. I held out hope, that it was just normal early pregnancy spotting. I only had it once before on the day of beta #1, but it was a lot less and the cramps felt different. I was trying so hard not to believe my dream, until this morning I felt like it might be real. I was on the toilet…I wiped bright red blood, and even found a clot. I am now wearing a pad and hoping it doesn’t get heavier. Though my cramps tell me something fierce is on its way.
I called the doctor’s office and everything, but it turns out there’s nothing anyone can really do to confirm/relieve/prevent anything at this point. My only solace at this point is that there’s nothing I can do. Absolutely nothing except, like a fool, hope that my dreams aren’t premonitions.


Settling In To Our New Home

Three months ago we moved into our new place.  (Geez, I can’t believe it’s been three months! Only 9 more. gasp!)

This is what it looked like when we moved into all 690 sq. feet of our place.


It kind of looks like a little box doesn’t it? Our whole apartment is pretty much 3 of these boxes connected to one another.  It’s more less than half the size of our home in California, but I kind of find it cozy.  Biggest perk of living in an oversized closet is that cleaning up is a cinch.  I really feel like Susie Homemaker here.  One bathroom, one bedroom, and carpets that can be vacuumed in 5 minutes.  Yea, I think I can handle that.

The worst part about living in an oversized closet?  Trying to make all your stuff fit.

photo copy

While we left about half of our stuff in California, we still had to play some Tetris to get all our things to fit in this space.  Don’t look under our bed, couch, or dresser.  Basically stay away from any potential storage space because chances are it is jam packed with junk.  After a few months of cleaning, organizing, and hiding boxes.  We finally made our new apartment our new home.  Here it is!



The best part about our new home is that even though it’s teensy weensy, we’ve been able to open it up to friends and family.  That’s what makes it feel most like our home.  Already we’ve hosted my parents, my bestie, and my sister and her fiance are on their way.  I’m so excited to have more amazing adventures with all you lovelies who have yet to visit!