Weekend Getaway: Shopping Portland

Word on the street up here in the PNW is that Portland is the place to go if you wanna buy some really cool threads tax free.  We took this rainy weekend to explore the many nooks of PDX and see what kind of treasures we could score.  We discovered that Portland is the epicenter of small boutiques of American made goods.  It was like we were in our own hipster heaven.

The first time we went to PDX we were limited to the pearl district and downtown, but this time we had a car and we found some great new neighborhoods.  (I discovered an awesome app for the iPhone: Tripit.  We had so many shops we planned to visit that we mapped them all out on the app so that we didn’t have to backtrack during our shopping extravaganza. Plus One for efficiency)

shop collage

Here’s a little list of our favorite shops in Portland:

Powell’s Books

1005 W Burnside St
Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood: Downtown

This place is an institution.  If you ask someone about where to go in Portland, they inevitably point here.  Every time I enter this store I walk out with great books at cheap prices.  Who cares if they’ve been gently loved before?


1225 NW Everett St
Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood: Pearl District

S got a nice flannel and sweater here.  I wasn’t impressed with the women’s collection, but a great stop for men.

Frances May

1013 SW Washington St
Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhoods: Southwest Portland, Downtown

We didn’t end up getting anything from here for lack of sizes, but the collection of shoes and dresses here was beautiful.

Tanner Goods

1308 W Burnside
Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood: Downtown

This was one of MANY stores we came across that S had been stalking online.  It was also one of many stores that exudes rugged manliness.  Portland IS the center of lumberjack chic.

Lizard Lounge

1323 NW Irving St
Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood: Pearl District

I LOVED this store.  It was really big compared to the other shops and had an amazing selection of boots.  They carry a ton of Hudson shoes which I have only seen online and in England.

Zelda’s Shoe Bar

633 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210
Neighborhoods: Alphabet District, Northwest

My goal was to get a pair of booties from Portland.  After going to countless shoe shops, I finally found the boots I wanted, in my size, on clearance, at this store.  Kind of a small selection, and women’s only, but I found what I wanted.

This list could go on forever, but I’ll stop here.  There were tons of other shops that smelled like cedar and pine when you walked in, with tables covered in leather and copper goods, and backpacks and flannel hanging from the walls.  I enjoyed every one of them, but these were definitely my favorites.

*We came on the perfect weekend cause every store we went into was having major sales! Note to self: go at the end of a season.


Pendleton Ponchos, The Portland Collection

Guys, I bought a poncho.  Never thought I’d be a poncho fan, or a Pendleton customer, but the Pacific Northwest has changed me. (It’s changed me in a lot of ways, but I’ll get into that some other time) I went home to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving and came out of my room wearing my newly acquired poncho. My siblings guffawed at me saying, “You’ve been in Seattle too long.”  My husband says the poncho when paired with my favorite long dress gives me a Claire Huxtable look.  I look in the mirror and think, “Dang, I love this poncho!” Not only does it keep me warm, but it effectively hides my entire midsection.

In case you are imagining a Navajo/Southwest inspired poncho from Pendleton, the one I got was on sale and part of Pendleton’s Portland Collection.  a.k.a Pendleton FOR hipsters, BY hipsters.  I found it at the awesome Pendleton outlet in North Bend, Wa.  While there, I actually fell in love with a few wool blankets too.  That, however is a purchase for another trip.  For now, I’ll have to wear my blanket-like poncho much to the dismay of my siblings.

pendleton-the-portland-collection-cream-banded-knit-poncho-product-1-4872969-270223166_large_flexP.S. This model looks really cool in the poncho.  I don’t look like this when I wear it.


Beauty Buzz: Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner

I’ve been looking for a new eyeliner that would stay put.  I’ve been through a Lancome liner, a MAC liner, and a few Cliniques.  All of them gave me a great dark line that lasted just about 2 hours.  I’m an eye rubber, so that’s not working for me either.  The Lancome liner I had was the only one I had that was waterproof, and it seemed to hold up the best.  Only problem was, the twisty pencil never stayed sharp enough.  I gotta get the line super thin as my eyelids aren’t all that big. So I did a little research for a sharp waterproof black liner and found two contenders.  1.  Tarte EmphasEYES (I love Tarte cosmetics!) and 2.  This one:image

You like my awesome makeup bag? It’s a great gift from my friend so I can remember my LA roots.

I went with the Smashbox liner simply because it was more product.  I came home and immediately tried it out.  Here’s the lowdown:


  • Self sharpens to a nice point each time you twist it closed
  • glides on smoothly
  • can line your inner rim very easily
  • Nice dark color
  • Very little smudging
  • Long wear


  • If you twist the cap on too tightly the entire pencil tip breaks off wasting a whole lot of liner
  • I have very watery eyes and my lower line still disappears/smears after a few hours
  • The color isn’t quite as intense as other blacks

image1I don’t think I’ve found my go to liner yet.  Maybe next time I’ll try a waterproof MAC liner. 


Besties Take Seattle

For the past two days alovelystateofmind has been staying with me in Seattle, and we’ve been having a blast!  I hadn’t realized how much I missed her until her awesome self traveled all the way up here to spend some time with me.  When I was in LA, we spent at least one evening a week together.  Our weekly dates were a great way to catch up, vent, and take time out from our busy schedules to build our friendship.  With 1,135 miles between us now, I’ve been missing those dates.  Google video chat has been a pretty fun way to keep in touch and make sure her cute little one remembers good old Auntie M.  So, when she got to come visit for a few days, you can imagine how much fun we had exploring the city together (the way shopaholics do).

Of course we did a few typical touristy things, like walk through Pike’s Place Market, stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park, and visit the Fremont Troll.

Fremont Troll (10 Things I Hate About You anyone?)

Fremont Troll (10 Things I Hate About You anyone?)

Silver Trees at Olympic Sculpture Park

Silver Trees at Olympic Sculpture Park

Beautiful view of the Sound from the Sculpture Park

Beautiful view of the Sound from the Sculpture Park

The first day we walked 7-8 miles exploring all the neighborhoods of Downtown.  By the end, our legs felt like putty.  I give major props to her for being pregnant and hanging tough.  We explored Pioneer Square, Belltown, City Center, and Pike’s Place.  I was totally impressed with her stamina.

Besides our touristy stops, we also stopped into tons of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.  (Ah, to have a likeminded traveler with me)  This is how much of our days went in various neighborhoods (Ballard, Fremont, and Capitol Hill) :

Little shops with stationary, apothecary, and home goods were our weakness.

Little shops with stationary, apothecary, and home goods were our weakness.


Despite the rainy weather, we had tons of fun.  Can’t wait to visit her when the new addition arrives this fall.

Beauty Buzz: Josie Maran’s Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee


The other day, I was browsing one of my favorite websites, Hello Giggles, and came across a review of this product.  I knew as soon as I read it, I had to have it.  So, on one of my not so busy afternoons I decided to walk to the local Sephora.  Lucky for me (unlucky for my bank account) I live really closely to the Westlake Shopping Center.  I just discovered that the Anthropologie here has a petites section! Apparently it’s the test site for the petites shop.  But I digress…

I bought this cheek gelee (not blush, not tint, not stain–gelee) in getaway red.  The reviewer at Hello Giggles picked the coral one, but she also described herself as pasty. I tried them both, and while the color is buildable, I thought the coral was a little too subtle for my skin tone.

I love how moisturized it makes my skin feel, and how it looks radiant, but not shiny.  The main ingredient is coconut water (which, hello, is so in) and of course being a Josie Maran product argan oil is in there too.  It is the perfect cheek color for my “natural summer look.” (natural summer look was brought on by my overuse of black eyeliner recently which made me feel like I was prematurely aging myself.  I realized my day look didn’t differ much from my evening look, which is kind of a problem.)

Now all I gotta do is take care of these age spots.

Hello, Maguba!

After spending all evening obsessing over the Magubas, I decided to make a trip back to Ballard to try them on one last time.  Needless to say, I bought them.  They were just too comfy/cute to pass up.

Here they are folks:

photo-11Every single person who weighed in on my last post had a different opinion about which clogs to get.  So I went with the pair that began the obsession, Maguba Valencia.  I just love shoes with a T strap.

And now I have a favorite little boutique in Ballard named Horseshoe.

Even if you don’t live in Seattle, you can shop their store online.  And if you DO live in Seattle, pay them a visit.  They are super friendly and have some neat finds.

5344 Ballard Ave NW  Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 547-9639

In Seattle it’s Still 1999

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is stuck in the 90s here. But, it IS still cool to be stuck in the 90s here, if that’s your thing. I’m realizing more and more that, yes, that IS my thing.  Sometimes.

Here’s a particular trend that I am loving, and want to partake in, and most certainly did (in the 90s): Clogs.

When I was in 11th grade I got a pair of red clog sandals that I wore quite often.  I would have worn them more, but they were the Bongo brand from Mervyn’s and they weren’t comfortable at all.  Now that I’m all grown up and can afford a decent pair of shoes, the opportunities for clogs are endless.  If you are concerned that I will look like a freak on the streets of Seattle, fear not friend, in this land of recycled fashions clogs are not altogether out.  (Though I would not consider them IN either.)

I do have a dilemma you might be able to help me with.  I found a pair of clogs I loved on the shelf and only kind of loved when I tried them on:

I loved the color, and the feel, and they were SO comfy.  I liked them well enough, but S put the nix on them.  He gave a sourpuss face when I modeled them for him, and I couldn’t justify spending $149 on a sourpuss face.

These shoes got me on a clog frenzy.  I discovered that the Swedish brand of clog, Maguba, is much more affordable (if you can call $149 affordable) than the ever so popular Swedish Hasbeens, which you can find everywhere, including Madewell stores.

These Hasbeens will run you $219.  $149 I could argue with myself to purchase as a splurge, $219 is a price I’d justify paying for a beautiful pair of boots. Sandals or clogs?  Forget it!

My obsessive compulsive tendencies led me to a 2 hour search for Maguba clogs online.  I visited the same sites over and over, and even my web browser started to track how many times I had visited each page (never noticed that feature before, way to make me feel like a stalker, google).

Since I can’t trust the judgement of S on the topic of clogs, and since you probably hate clogs too, first look at these outfits, then tell me which ones I should invest in.

My Clog Look Book (for haters of clogs):

Look #1 wear them with a vintage inspired outfit

Look #2  If you get the traditional clogs (but with this awesome fringe) you can wear them with sheer or opaque tights and look chic

Look #3  You can get the sandals clogs and wear them with socks (my favorite look of all!)

Now my question for you:  Which one of these styles can allow me to do all three looks, and get the most bang for my buck?

Maguba Barcelona:

Maguba Rio:

Maguba Bologna:

Maguba Chicago:

So…what’s your preference?  Or at the very least, which one do you think won’t result in a sourpuss face on those I walk by?

More about how Seattle loves the 90s, later.