Beauty Buzz: Tarte Park Avenue Princess

Everybody knows I am a lipgloss junkie.  I kicked the habit for a while, I hadn’t bought a new lipgloss in 6 months.  Then, last weekend it happened. I was browsing Sephora with no particular purpose (big mistake), and my eye caught a glimpse of a tube of nude, glittery, shiny lip gloss.

photo 2I picked it up and felt I needed to have this tube.  It even had a cute name, “Park Avenue Princess.”  I dabbed a little on my hand and thought, “Yes, I have  to have this barely there, glitter for my lips.”  Two minutes later, I was in paying for my filthy habit yet again.

I couldn’t wait to open the box and layer it on my lips.  But once I did, I was a little disappointed.  It basically looked like clear gloss with a little bit of sparkle.  I thought it was going to be a little more of a pale pink/nude color underneath the glitz. On the bright side,  I love a scented gloss and this one smells like cotton candy/marshmallows.  YUM! It’s also a little sticky, which I like (I know a lot of people don’t).  It’s not as sticky as a MAC gloss, but sticky enough to know when you need to apply more.

Here it is, freshly applied to a makeup-free face.  Don’t mind the splotchiness.



Beauty Buzz: Make Up For Ever, Rouge Artist Intense #40


Isn’t this what we all think we’ll look like after buying a new lipstick?  Well, I got the exact shade that this model is wearing, so I’m gonna be pretty close to looking like this for sure!

I recently went on a bike ride and brought my coral lipstick with me.  (Who does this? “Bike ride, you say? Just a moment, let me grab my lipstick.”) I guess on one of the bumps in the road it must have fallen out of my pocket.  Sadness.  It was a gift from my sister and I hadn’t even used up half of it.  It was a great color, but since it was a matte finish, it tended to get crackly and dry even when I moisturized and exfoliated.  Bye bye, Smashbox Megatint in Mimosa…sniffle.rouge-a-levres-smashbox

I tried to find the exact replacement, cause every girl needs a little coral in her life, but they didn’t have this line at the Sephora nearby.  I brought my girlfriends with me for some help, and even recruited one of the Sephora employees. (These employees are super helpful.  I said I wanted a coral/orange that wasn’t going to cost more than $20 and she had quite a few suggestions for me.)  In then end we steered away from a pink coral to more of an orange coral.  One might just call it “orange”.


I’m wearing it as I write this now, and I feel like I most probably look just like the model above.  So far I like the texture, not too dry and more of a creme rather than matte finish.  I think it’s the perfect color to welcome in the fall season.  At least that’s what my friend said.

Bishops Barbershop Bob

I had been trying to grow my hair out into long luscious locks for a while.  Everyone I know is aware of my struggles here.  I thought this time I could really make it.  I had been dedicated for more than a year.  My pixie cut was long out of sight, and my hair almost touched the tops of my shoulders!  But then I had to be on DHEA for three months, and my hair started thinning, and getting…gross, for lack of a better word.  It was thin and frizzy, and the longer it got, the less luscious it became.  So, I decided to chop it off.  I didn’t want to go pixie in time for a Seattle winter.  (Androgyny doesn’t feed my confidence)  I settled on a really short bob that would allow a good chunk of hair to peek out from under a beanie.

This is the photo I went with:



Pretty basic bob, with a little bit of edge and just the right amount of Frenchy chic.

I received a gift card to Bishops Barbershop and thought that the edgy barbershop might be the perfect place to get this new do.  Bishops is a Portland based barbershop with one location in Seattle.  It is the ultimate hipster hair spot.  And that picture up there is pretty darn hipster.  (Disclaimer: I am not a hipster, just like that hair style).

The hair stylists in this salon make an average nerd like me feel pretty dowdy.  I mean, I don’t have tattoos, or a jagged haircut.  I wear a bra, and I don’t normally go to live shows on a whim.  But, I’ll hand it to them, they were pretty nice and didn’t seem to judge my mainstream appearance.  My stylist in particular was great! super chatty and had a clear vision of how to make this cut work for my face.  She did a fantastic job painting on my color, she did it meticulously so that she wouldn’t get any color on my scalp.  It took her a full hour just to apply the color.  After 3 hours, my hair makeover was complete.  (3 hours seems to be the norm for cut and color, in my experience.  I think this is long, but it seems to always take me that long.)

My final opinion of my new hair:

  • She used the texturizing scissors a bit to frivolously (common mistake made on my hair)
  • The back is a bit uneven (one side is much shorter and layered than the other)
  • I love the length (she really tried to keep it longer for my “heart shaped” face)
  • The color is perfect (Goldwell color usually adds a nice shine)

But really, what did I expect when the images for this barbershop look like this:

bs-prop-ad-alex KATU-12493235-gallery1


I’ll probably give this shop another chance since the prices aren’t too steep and they use a great quality hair color.  Symmetrical haircuts are overrated anyway.

Beauty Buzz: Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner

I’ve been looking for a new eyeliner that would stay put.  I’ve been through a Lancome liner, a MAC liner, and a few Cliniques.  All of them gave me a great dark line that lasted just about 2 hours.  I’m an eye rubber, so that’s not working for me either.  The Lancome liner I had was the only one I had that was waterproof, and it seemed to hold up the best.  Only problem was, the twisty pencil never stayed sharp enough.  I gotta get the line super thin as my eyelids aren’t all that big. So I did a little research for a sharp waterproof black liner and found two contenders.  1.  Tarte EmphasEYES (I love Tarte cosmetics!) and 2.  This one:image

You like my awesome makeup bag? It’s a great gift from my friend so I can remember my LA roots.

I went with the Smashbox liner simply because it was more product.  I came home and immediately tried it out.  Here’s the lowdown:


  • Self sharpens to a nice point each time you twist it closed
  • glides on smoothly
  • can line your inner rim very easily
  • Nice dark color
  • Very little smudging
  • Long wear


  • If you twist the cap on too tightly the entire pencil tip breaks off wasting a whole lot of liner
  • I have very watery eyes and my lower line still disappears/smears after a few hours
  • The color isn’t quite as intense as other blacks

image1I don’t think I’ve found my go to liner yet.  Maybe next time I’ll try a waterproof MAC liner. 


Beauty Buzz: Josie Maran’s Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee


The other day, I was browsing one of my favorite websites, Hello Giggles, and came across a review of this product.  I knew as soon as I read it, I had to have it.  So, on one of my not so busy afternoons I decided to walk to the local Sephora.  Lucky for me (unlucky for my bank account) I live really closely to the Westlake Shopping Center.  I just discovered that the Anthropologie here has a petites section! Apparently it’s the test site for the petites shop.  But I digress…

I bought this cheek gelee (not blush, not tint, not stain–gelee) in getaway red.  The reviewer at Hello Giggles picked the coral one, but she also described herself as pasty. I tried them both, and while the color is buildable, I thought the coral was a little too subtle for my skin tone.

I love how moisturized it makes my skin feel, and how it looks radiant, but not shiny.  The main ingredient is coconut water (which, hello, is so in) and of course being a Josie Maran product argan oil is in there too.  It is the perfect cheek color for my “natural summer look.” (natural summer look was brought on by my overuse of black eyeliner recently which made me feel like I was prematurely aging myself.  I realized my day look didn’t differ much from my evening look, which is kind of a problem.)

Now all I gotta do is take care of these age spots.