Get Crafty: DIY sensory table

Having a baby/toddler can get pricey.  All the things you think they need (but honestly don’t) cost money.  Like toys and activity centers that are going to stimulate your child’s brain development.  Parents these days, myself included, are seriously obsessed with brain development.  So when all the moms on the block start talking about sensory tables and tactile stimulation you start to freak out.  When your Pinterest gets flooded with links for DIY sensory tables, you begin to wonder if you can pull that off.  “$30 for a 30 minute table made of pvc pipes!?! I can do that!” But then your mind starts spiraling out of control, “isn’t pvc toxic? can I just BUY a sensory table for that price? couldn’t I just put that plastic bucket on a kid sized table?” That’s when laziness and frugality win out.

Instead of making this:



I ended up doing this:


Storage bin on kiddie table you already have

I think it pretty much serves the same purpose. She absolutely loved it! What’s not to love? Water was EVERYWHERE.  And this DIY is waaaaay easier.  Just follow these 4 simple steps below:

  1. Get some kind of shallow plastic storage bin (about $7 at target)
  2. Fill it with water or sand or whatever tactile stimulating, mess making substance you prefer
  3. Place it on a stand of some kind (best if it has a ledge), like the IKEA kid table pictured above
  4. Throw random scooping objects and floating things inside and watch your kid have a field day

If I do this with water again, I’d place a vinyl table cloth below the table and  wrap the legs in plastic bags since they got pretty wet.  But, if you do something like Cheerios sand, no bags required.  I just saved you so much time, money, and stress about whether you’re developing your baby’s brain.  You’re welcome.



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