A Southern/Crafting Themed Shower

A few weeks ago, my bridesmaids (aka my besties) threw me the most perfect baby shower.  It was after a long hesitation on my part that the shower was done.  When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t want to participate in anything that made me feel left out or sad pre pregnancy.  I didn’t want to rejoice in things that caused me difficulty in the past.  But, then I got to thinking.  I thought, “This baby has been anticipated for 3 years now.  We’ve gone through so much heartache to conceive her.  Our persistence, our love, and our hope should be celebrated.”  And since my lovely friends and family were so excited for us, they wouldn’t take no for an answer anyway.  I’m glad they didn’t, because it turned out to be such a happy day for me.


The theme was a surprise, and it was perfect.  They know I love crafting, so made it a crafting/sewing theme with one of my favorite cuisines: Southern home cooking.  There weren’t any traditional games, just a crafting station where people could design onesies, bibs, and headbands.




The food and drink were amazing too! All of it was home made and delicious.  I never knew what talented chefs my friends were.  Fried chicken, mac n cheese, pulled pork sammies, apple pie pops, deviled eggs, lavender lemonade…I ate a lot.


And of course a “cute as a button” red velvet cake!



Every detail was so well thought out down to the favors, which were adorable homemade button cookies.

I feel so lucky to be able to have this experience at all.  Some days I get hit with a wave of extreme disbelief.  I can’t believe we are only a few weeks away from having a child.  This day made it feel so real, and to celebrate our future baby with all the people that have been there through our long journey to parenthood made it even more special.  This heart is so thankful!


Cry Baby

Whenever people talked about pregnant ladies being emotional wrecks, I just did not get it.  Until now…I’m not sure what’s going on with my hormones right now, but it seems that everything about babies, babies growing up, and the relationship between mother and child brings me to tears.  Today I found myself tear up watching Sex and the City.  SEX AND THE CITY! It was a scene where they were all singing happy birthday to Brady at his 1 year old party and Charlotte walks in despite having some bad news about her fertility.  (I totally felt her pain.)

But, the main culprit for making me full on bawl is this video:

I kept trying to understand why this video has me hysterical after 10 seconds, and I couldn’t figure it out.  Was it the cute voice? The adorable animation?  And then I made S watch it so I could cry at this video for the second time.  He said he totally got why it would make me cry, though it did not have the same effect on him.  His take was that it made the whole experience real.  It gave a voice and a face to the things that are happening within me, and he could see why that would make me emotional.  Guys, now I’m crying writing this.  OMG, I am such a mess!