My Sister Got Married and it was Gorgeous

On Labor Day weekend my sister got married in Santa Barbara.  It was THE most beautiful wedding.  It was so well thought out to the tiniest detail, and it was so much fun! I forgot I was carrying a little human inside me and danced the night away (and paid for it dearly the next day).  Here are the deets on her amazing nuptials:

Location: Santa Barbara Historical Museum

This location was absolutely beautiful and so California.  It was rustic and romantic.  The architecture was of course Spanish style, and the landscape was California desert, with succulents and drought resistant foliage.  It was a truly beautiful location.  The reception area had romantic string lights, and a brick fountain.  It was so pretty!  It’s a pricy spot for a wedding, but so worth it!


Photographer: Brianna Venzke Photography

Brianna was awesome! She was laid back and fun.  She got some artsy shots as well as some standard portraits.  The look of her photos are very romantic, subdued, and soft.  I love them! Check out her site for some examples.  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t ridiculously expensive either.

Make up and Hair: Luna Bella

The ladies from Luna Bella were so talented.  They did a gorgeous job with airbrushed makeup and everyone’s hair turned out spectacular which is kind of impressive if you think about the range of skin tones and hair types that got done that day.  We’re talking fair skinned Asian, to very tan/olive toned Indian and Mexican.  Very versatile makeup artist.  I think it was pretty pricy for services though, running $85 for makeup and about $150 for hair and makeup combined.

Catering:  Pure Joy Catering

This catering company was referred by the venue and was an excellent choice.  We started with a cocktail hour which included Hibiscus tea, Lavender Ladies, Margaritas in tiny Patron bottles, and tons of delicious apps.  The dinner was pretty standard, but I will say that the drinks and the appetizers really shone, not to mention the surprise gift on the way out.  It was a “cheesy kiss goodnight,” a blueberry cheesecake in a mason jar to take home.  It did not last more than 10 seconds after we got home.  It was THAT good!

I wish I knew her florists info, because she did the most beautiful job.  The flowers fit the venue so perfectly.  The centerpieces were in long wooden boxes and looked so unique and well put together.  If I find out the info, I’ll definitely add it on.


See! Gorgeous!

I’ll leave you with one last artsy photo my hubs took of this truly romantic night.



My Mom Says I’m Weird

I am now 28 weeks pregnant.  I am now in my third trimester.  I am nearing the end of my pregnancy.  I am so happy to be experiencing this.  I love feeling our baby move around and get hiccups.  I love feeling tiny movements that no one else can feel.  Sometimes when she’s super active in my belly, I try to call someone over to feel it and she stops.  It’s almost like she’s moving just for me.

I only have 10 or so weeks to go.  The nursery is not set up.  I don’t even know what diapers to buy.  I don’t even have a birth plan.  I’m afraid of the pain.  I don’t want to bleed for weeks after.  I’m afraid my endometriosis pain will come back once our baby arrives.  There’s so much unknown.

These two sides of my brain are battling each other these days.  I told my mom the other day that I wanted the baby to stay inside forever.  She thought this was the weirdest thing she’d ever heard.  She said, “Most people want their babies to come out faster.”  Yes, but then I have to share all these moments with everyone else.  She won’t be all mine.  That’s when my mom said I was weird.  Is this a weird thing to feel?  Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to meet this little human, and hold her in my arms, but a little part of me likes the way things are right now.  Weird?