This Feeling is Normal

First pregnancies are hard for the hypochondriac prone.  You never know what sensations are normal, or whether certain feelings mean something terrible is about to happen.  Not only am I a hypochondriac, but I also know of a few friends near and dear to me that have suffered extremely late miscarriages.  We’re talking 20, 21 weeks.  The knowledge that one could have an incompetent cervix especially frightened me.  In fact, I went to the ER twice because of feelings I just knew were bad signs.  Perhaps if you feel this way, I can persuade you that it may be nothing at all.

Around 19 weeks I started to feel like there was a heaviness down low.  It became so bad, that it felt like something was falling out of my vagina.  Seriously.  With every step it felt like something was creeping out.  It made it really uncomfortable to walk, and was somewhat relieved if I propped my hips up on a pillow and relaxed.  I googled nonstop about this pressure, and all the message boards agreed, “go see your doctor.”  Except, every time I felt this way it was a weekend.  Of course.  Cue the visit to the ER.  After an ultrasound that confirmed my cervix was indeed long and closed, it was decided that our little bundle of joy was doing acrobatics off of my cervix causing the heavy pressure feeling.

A similar situation happened around 22 weeks, only this time lying down didn’t help it any.  I headed over to Labor and Delivery this time, since I was far enough along to skip the ER.   They monitored the baby (who was extremely active), and my uterus.  Turns out I was having contractions (not Braxton Hicks and not normal).  I ended up having a UTI which can cause contractions and uterine irritability.  But again, my cervix was fine.

Here I am, three weeks later,  feeling this pressure again.  This time though, I can feel our baby moving around like mad.  I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that this feeling is normal.  I think I’ll put my feet up and let baby do her thing now.


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