Placenta Previa, Anyone?

I’ve been having a bit of spotting randomly throughout this pregnancy.  While it is not too much, it still worries me.  Every time I see it, I call my doc and she inevitably asks me to come in for an u/s.  She checks my cervix length, the heartbeat of the baby, and the placement of the placenta.  I went in two weeks ago and found that my placenta was dangerously close to the opening of my cervix.  Then it happened again and guess what?  I went in again.

The doc reported that the distance from my placenta to my cervical opening was but 1 cm and that it could be causing the spotting, especially if I’m exercising or straining.  Makes sense, I’ve been trying to walk a lot this week. I also noticed on the ultrasound that our baby was head banging the placenta…haha…so maybe that has something to do with it too 😉 She said to take it easy, and that in fact it is very common for the placenta to be this low, this early.  As my uterus grows, my placenta should shift upwards.  (fingers crossed!)  She reassured me that if I continue to see the amount of spotting I have been seeing, it shouldn’t be something to worry about.  (YAY!) I have my next appointment in 2 weeks, so hopefully I can be spot free til then.

For those of you that don’t know much about placenta previa, here’s a little graphic.  17146eeea69760ba266e2ac8410e7a9a

If you still have a placenta previa near your due date, you need a C-section.  It could also cause lots of bleeding in the third trimester and preterm labor.  Right now, mine is about Marginal.  So I’m going to start chanting, “Grow uterus, grow, move up placenta, move UP.”


2 thoughts on “Placenta Previa, Anyone?

  1. I’m in the placenta previa club too. I tried acupuncture a couple weeks ago and the placenta (really the uterus) did move a bit on the next ultrasound- though who knows if it helped. Crossing my fingers for us both that it moves- or if it doesn’t move, that at least it won’t cause any problems!

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