Beauty Buzz: Tarte Park Avenue Princess

Everybody knows I am a lipgloss junkie.  I kicked the habit for a while, I hadn’t bought a new lipgloss in 6 months.  Then, last weekend it happened. I was browsing Sephora with no particular purpose (big mistake), and my eye caught a glimpse of a tube of nude, glittery, shiny lip gloss.

photo 2I picked it up and felt I needed to have this tube.  It even had a cute name, “Park Avenue Princess.”  I dabbed a little on my hand and thought, “Yes, I have  to have this barely there, glitter for my lips.”  Two minutes later, I was in paying for my filthy habit yet again.

I couldn’t wait to open the box and layer it on my lips.  But once I did, I was a little disappointed.  It basically looked like clear gloss with a little bit of sparkle.  I thought it was going to be a little more of a pale pink/nude color underneath the glitz. On the bright side,  I love a scented gloss and this one smells like cotton candy/marshmallows.  YUM! It’s also a little sticky, which I like (I know a lot of people don’t).  It’s not as sticky as a MAC gloss, but sticky enough to know when you need to apply more.

Here it is, freshly applied to a makeup-free face.  Don’t mind the splotchiness.



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