The Last Day of the First Third


I know we are far from done, but we have made it to the famed second trimester! I am SO excited to be here, in this moment, with a baby growing inside me.  And being in the moment is very hard for me.

If you know me at all, you know I am a hypochondriac.  It seems that finding out you’re pregnant makes you a serious HYPOCHONDRIAC.  Between the spotting, cramping, and other fun pregnancy things I’ll leave out for now, my fears have been all over the map (thank you google search).  Now that I am about to enter the 2nd trimester I’m hoping that when I feel crazy back pain again, I’ll think “I’m just growing.”  I got some good advice from a friend to not worry until I have “bright red blood gushing from parts of my body it shouldn’t.”  I’m gonna try to live by that rule for a while.

Entering this new phase in our pregnancy has also made me start thinking that this is for real.  Seeing the first ultrasound where our baby looks like a baby with feet and hands and a nose…kind of changed everything in my head.  It made me start thinking about a nursery and names and diapers.  That’s when I had to stop myself from spiraling wildly out of control in the planning department (yes, I’m neurotic).

When did you let yourself go crazy with baby planning?  I think I’m starting too soon.


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