Getting Crafty: Arrow Tail Quilt for Baby

quilt collage2

Pinterest is an amazing resource for DIY inspiration and tutorials.  I found this gem of a tutorial with clear step-by-step instructions on how to make this fun/modern arrow tail quilt on Pinterest.  I fell in love with the pattern because it was almost a chevron pattern, but not quite, and allowed for lots of different fabrics to be incorporated into the quilt.  Plus, it seemed relatively easy (always important for a novice like myself).

When I found out a dear friend was having her first baby girl, I knew I wanted to make a baby blanket to welcome her into the world.  This would be the third baby quilt I attempted, and I was super excited to see how my skills had advanced.

Things I’ve learned after making 3 baby quilts:

  • Binding a quilt gets easier every time.  While the mitered corners are not as confusing anymore (my first quilt is atrocious), I still need to master finishing the quilt off without too many stitches showing through to the front.
  • Using a template is hard.  I printed out a template piece from the tutorial, and somehow the way I cut it came out off, cause if you look up at the bottom right photo the last column had to be trimmed down quite a bit.  (oh well!)
  • The actual quilting part is kinda fun and makes for a softer quilt.  The first quilt I made, I tied, because I was so afraid I’d break a needle.  This quilt I actually got a little crazier with my stitches, and I think it made for a softer, more manageable, and more fun quilt.
  • It’s so much fun to create something for a new little person.  Even though it takes forever, knowing that a new little person will be rolling around on your handiwork makes it well worth it.

Hopefully, the next quilt I make will be for my own little bun in the oven.  Now, to find a new tutorial…



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