Getting Crafty: Arrow Tail Quilt for Baby

quilt collage2

Pinterest is an amazing resource for DIY inspiration and tutorials.  I found this gem of a tutorial with clear step-by-step instructions on how to make this fun/modern arrow tail quilt on Pinterest.  I fell in love with the pattern because it was almost a chevron pattern, but not quite, and allowed for lots of different fabrics to be incorporated into the quilt.  Plus, it seemed relatively easy (always important for a novice like myself).

When I found out a dear friend was having her first baby girl, I knew I wanted to make a baby blanket to welcome her into the world.  This would be the third baby quilt I attempted, and I was super excited to see how my skills had advanced.

Things I’ve learned after making 3 baby quilts:

  • Binding a quilt gets easier every time.  While the mitered corners are not as confusing anymore (my first quilt is atrocious), I still need to master finishing the quilt off without too many stitches showing through to the front.
  • Using a template is hard.  I printed out a template piece from the tutorial, and somehow the way I cut it came out off, cause if you look up at the bottom right photo the last column had to be trimmed down quite a bit.  (oh well!)
  • The actual quilting part is kinda fun and makes for a softer quilt.  The first quilt I made, I tied, because I was so afraid I’d break a needle.  This quilt I actually got a little crazier with my stitches, and I think it made for a softer, more manageable, and more fun quilt.
  • It’s so much fun to create something for a new little person.  Even though it takes forever, knowing that a new little person will be rolling around on your handiwork makes it well worth it.

Hopefully, the next quilt I make will be for my own little bun in the oven.  Now, to find a new tutorial…



Countdown to California


In a little over a month I’ll be back in California.  I cannot wait! I had an amazing year up here in Seattle, but boy am I ready to go home.  Lately I’ve really been missing my BFFs and Family.  I’ve made some great friends up here, some I’m sure that will remain close after the move, but they just aren’t the same as those friends who’ve grown up with you.

I can’t wait for:

1) Sunday family dinners (with delicious homemade food that I didn’t make)

2) Sundresses and flip flops everyday

3) Holding all my friends’ beautiful babies

4) Hanging with the BFFs

5) Being there to help my sister plan her wedding, in person

6) All the old neighborhoods and restaurants I’ve missed

I’m sure once I get back to LA, I’m going to miss the lush landscape of Seattle, the layers of beauty on any given day.  But as everyone knows, home is where the heart is.

Scared Stiff


How many times will I google “miscarriage rates at ___weeks?”  When will it end?  I am so frightened that this isn’t real.  Each day I assess whether my symptoms are stronger, dwindling, or the same.  To make me even more crazy, today was the day I took my last progesterone supplement.  Now I’ll have to add checking my underwear every hour for spotting to the equation (wait, I already do that.)

I really want to enjoy each day of this pregnancy, but it seems my joy is overshadowed by doubt.  I pray that in a few weeks I can be comforted by a healthy check up and that I can rest easy and enjoy growing this baby.  Although, who are we kidding, I’m probably gonna worry the entire time.

I wonder if this preoccupation with loss is heightened because of our long journey to get here, or if every fertile woman out there goes through the same predicament.  Hmm…

I AM Grateful

Am I grateful enough? Yesterday I was at the salon, getting a much needed haircut.  (My hair was starting to look like a rat’s nest.)  I overheard a very pregnant lady saying how wonderful her pregnancy has been.  “I’ve felt great.   And I just feel so grateful everyday.  I mean sure, I had a couple days of nausea in the beginning, but so what, I don’t feel like eating.  I won’t eat that day.  I’m just so grateful.” At this point I felt A) terrible about myself for being such a wimp.  And B) like I wanted to punch this lady in the face.

Let’s talk about A.

After struggling with infertility for 3 years, 2 years with treatments, we have finally gotten to our first pregnancy.  It’s still super early, but we’re here.  I doubted so many times that we’d reach this point.  I wanted so badly to be here that I didn’t even realize what it would be like once I arrived.  I didn’t know I’d feel nauseated all day long, unable to eat anything of substance.  I didn’t know I’d be crampy and tired.  I didn’t know I’d be able to tell the difference between a mere gag and an impending vomit session.  I didn’t realize that I’d get a bladder infection and have heartburn and indigestion.  I just thought it would be rainbows and sunshine.  I thought knowing there was a little human growing inside of me would make all that other stuff disappear.  Perhaps that’s why I feel like such an awful person.  I am so grateful for this chance.  SO grateful! But, you know what? That doesn’t make the morning sickness go away.  Which brings me to point B.

Let’s talk about B.

Pregnancy is different for everyone.  I’ve heard it, I believe it.  After talking to lots of people about it, some had it WAY better than me at this point, and others had it significantly worse.  (I feel so bad for them.) But when you are a person who had a few days of nausea your entire pregnancy, and felt amazing the rest of the time, it’s a bit unfair to attribute it to your grateful attitude.  It makes the rest of us whose genes predispose us to crummy symptoms feel somehow less worthy of this journey.  Maybe it IS all about attitude, but please I just don’t want to hear it right now.

I’m sure so many people out there would say, “Oh quit your whining, at least you get the chance to be pregnant!” Trust me, I’m trying to quit my whining.  I feel like a horrible person to even complain for a second.  I can’t help it…I’m a whiner.