Last week was my spring break, and this is what I felt like the entire time:


This is what I look like when someone mentions food to me.  It’s what I look like after I eat, and it’s what I look like pretty much all day.  Sometimes the look is accompanied by a wretch or dry heaving.  (Okay, maybe I’m not quite as cute as this puppy) Oh yea, and I also got a skin infection on my nose after rubbing it raw during an allergy attack.  So, not only am I queasy, but I’m queasy with disgusting lesions on my nose.

But you know what? I’m ecstatic that I feel like poo.  I’m thrilled that I’m bloated, constipated, nauseated, and tired.  Just thrilled because it means our little embryo decided to stick around! The bleeding and cramping I was having last week was completely off putting and scary, but apparently common for some women.

So, bring on the uglies! I’m ready….kind of.


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