Making a Home for an Embryo


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The “she” here is me.  We just completed a very big step in our long IVF journey.  We finally had our first embryo transfer–ever!  Here’s how the morning went down:

7:00 am Open my eyes after a long listless night of sleep, worrying about whether I’ll drink enough water or the valium will work today.

10:00 am  Take a valium and drink 32 oz of water

10:30 am  Arrive at the lab unsure of whether the valium has actually kicked in.  (I was told it would feel like I had downed a big martini, but right now, I’m not feeling so good)

10:45 am The embryologist comes in and shows us a beautifully thawed embryo.  She says it looks as good as fresh!

10:50 am  The nurse comes in to see if my bladder is full enough yet.  Not yet.

11:10 am  My bladder is finally ready and my uterus is flat enough for a straight shot.  The doc inserts a catheter up into the “perfect” spot in my uterus and shoots the little sucker up there.

11:10-11:40 am  I remain on the table watching Jimmy Fallon videos with the hubs.

Before I leave, the embryologist assures me that my uterus is like “shag” carpeting and the embryo won’t fall out.  I can just see it now, like my grandma’s old living room with brown shag carpeting, a wooden television, and some brown and orange floral print couches.  If that embryo knows what’s up, it’ll burrow deep into that couch and get some fluffy blankets and camp out for the long haul.  At least, that’s what I would do.

But, for now I can only obsess over every twinge, cramp, movement I make.  I’m going to need lots and lots of courage to make it through the next two weeks without losing it.  I’m going to try my hardest to be brave enough to live in the moment, and not predict the future.  For I am no psychic.


4 thoughts on “Making a Home for an Embryo

  1. I know you can do it! Have you read the Power of Now? It’s a little cheesy, but it is a constant reminder to stay in the moment! Thinking of you guys and knowing you are strong enough for this!

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