Hormonal Thoughts

I’m sitting here in a Starbucks, waiting for my massage appointment, stressing about whether I should get soy (soy isn’t good for estrogen imbalances), decaf (I heard the way they make beans decaf can be harmful to your health, but caffeine can negatively affect your uterine lining), latte (dairy is inflammatory, is it not?). I went with a decaf black coffee.

But, ordering a decaf coffee does not help the fact that my hormones are imbalanced. My last monitoring appointment showed a huge follicle but low estrogen (meaning my follicle is non functioning). My LH is elevated (why?). And my google searches are convincing me that I am post menopausal. I’m trying not to worry too much about this cycle, because we have already resigned to doing a medicated one next. But, I was just hoping this part of the journey would be easy. Easy… I have no concept of this anymore.


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