Now I’m Going to Talk about My Uterus

After months of delay, I finally got to have my Saline Infusion Sonogram (SIS) done.  Conditions were not ideal, as I was still massively bleeding on day 10 of my cycle, but the NP said my lining looked thin enough that it would work anyway. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to this moment; wondering if I would have to wait another whole month due to bleeding, hoping it wouldn’t be terribly painful, praying there wouldn’t be a fibroid or polyp to have to deal with, just wanting my body to help us out a little–for once.

I was so happy S could escape the OR and join me for the procedure, cause for a minute I thought I might barf from the weight of the moment.  It turns out an SIS is not that painful.  The internet was full of SIS horror stories.  Things like, “they were the worst cramps of my life.” Then I read from one endo sufferer that if you have endo, it’s nothing.  I totally agree.  I think having monthly cramps that feel like a hot poker is searing you from your anus to your uterus is nothing compared to a little catheter entering your uterus and making it unhappy for a few minutes.  The speculum was probably the most painful part.  For those of you curious about what it feels like when the catheter is in and squirting saline into your uterus, it just feels like a moderate period cramp.  So for anyone out there getting anxious about one of these, it’s okay.

The best part of this whole procedure were the images on the screen.  Our NP was delighted that everything looked healthy and normal.  I cannot tell you how happy we were.  Yes! That means our next cycle can be the cycle that we go on to the next step.  (30 more days until the beginning of our first FET)  We decided to try the natural FET protocol which has a high cancellation rate, so I’m not getting my hopes up that it will work out on our first try.  But for now I’m gonna focus on my happy uterus.  Hooray!

uterus copy

*This is my first original artwork made on Illustrator, thank you very much.  Shout out to Christine for equipping me with all the amazing tools to make this disturbing image possible.  🙂


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