Counting Down To Reality

So far this Seattle adventure has been like a dream.  We live in downtown where we can walk to amazing restaurants, shopping, and cultural centers.  We really are lucky.

my hoodEven though we have a good 5 months left, I’ve always been a ‘glass half empty’ kind of girl and I’m afraid we just won’t have enough time to do all the things we want/eat all the things we want before we go.  I’m actually even more afraid that our embryos are going to stay frozen forever because my body just isn’t ever going to be ready for a baby, but let’s stay on the bright side.

We just discovered Greenlake.  It’s basically Seattle’s version of the Silverlake reservoir, but WAY prettier.  We came here on a brisk Saturday afternoon and it was packed with runners, bikers, walkers, and dogs.  I definitely want to come back with my running shoes on.

photo 2What’s more, we discovered Mighty-O donuts in Greenlake.  I read about it on one of those  “Best Donuts in the Country” lists from Daily Candy.  Since the Daily Dozen mini donut stand in the Market made the list, I knew it was worth a try.  It was one of the two donut shops in Seattle that made the list.  I am SO glad we went.  If you happen to stop by this amazing donut shop, I recommend the french toast donut.  It tastes like the airiest, fluffiest cross between coffee cake and a donut.  For days after our visit I couldn’t stop talking about it–and I don’t even like donuts!  I wish I could go back every morning for this deliciousness.

photo 3New tactic: Everytime I worry that my uterus is defunct and my ovary is about to implode, eat a donut.




3 thoughts on “Counting Down To Reality

  1. You should totally use your illustrator skills to make a print with that saying “Every time I worry that _____________, eat a donut.”

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