Stuff Your Face: Portland

We have found a new favorite activity for when we are traveling.  Maybe it’s not all that new, it’s called eating.  Our vacations nowadays go a little like this: eat, shop, eat, shop, see a sight, eat, sleep, wake up and repeat.  Though we had been to Portland before, this was the first time I really appreciated the restaurants there.  (Maybe it’s because we were coming from Seattle as opposed to LA, but the Mexican food in Portland was stellar).

Here are the key players in our quick trip to Portland in chronological order:

Little Big Burger

122 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

We ate here twice in our two day stay.  It was that good and cheap.  Locally sourced meats and veggie patties (how utterly Portlandia), choice of 4 fancy cheeses, and standard truffle fries.  Yes, this is my kind of fast food.  I tried the veggie patty the second go and I wasn’t a huge fan.  It just tasted like a deep fried bean patty.  Definitely go beef.

Little T Baker

1022 W Burnside
Portland, OR 97209

little t

Located in the Union Way “Mall of Hipster America,” This tiny bakeshop had some delicious looking breads.  We opted for the sweets and were not disappointed.  Did somebody say chocolate?

La Taq

1625 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97211


Why we decided to stop in here for drinks and snacks before a 4 course meal is beyond me.  But we did, and it was amazing.  Maybe it’s because we ordered nachos and then the queso with freshly made chips, but this place won me over.  If you grew up like me and had queso and salsa cooking in a crockpot at every bbq, you will be SO happy here. It’s a really fun ambience and the drinks are pretty good too, though I would stay away from the carrot margarita if I had to do it again.


1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214



You know how when you go to a super fancy place with wine pairings and fancy ingredients you’ve never heard of, you feel self conscious and judged by all the snooty servers?  This place is NOT like that.  Though they do announce each dish and sometimes it consists of chicken liver mousse, they are so friendly and helpful. Like when you order a drink not knowing what the liquor is in it and then you hate it, and then they notice and give you a new one without you having to ask.  While all the food was amazing, the dish on the right up there actually tasted like fish air/fart, but I kind of liked it.  (tip: don’t share this description with your waiter) This place was delicious and romantic, and definitely worth the splurge.

Screen Door

2337 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214

screen doorApparently Portland is known for its brunch.  I did not know.  It all makes sense now.  Last time we came we braved the 1.5 hour wait at Tasty n Sons, this time we waited 45 min for Screen Door.  But good golly, it was worth it!  I had abandoned chicken for a while now (for many irrational and rational reasons), but I just had to try their cathead chicken biscuit.  I basically avoided the chicken anyway and just ate the fried bits in gravy.  It was drool worthy.  I don’t understand how other places haven’t mastered the art of brunch like PDX.  This city is definitely in a league of its own when it comes to this meal that magically appears on weekends.



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