I’ve Entered a Vortex

895d91db7afd64589d97c23d3af41816Yesterday I looked back to my Facebook timeline to see whether I had posted a recipe twice.  I never did find that recipe, but  I did find myself lost in  old status updates and comments that went back a few years.  It was quite amusing.  Then someone suggested looking at old emails from the hubby, so I did.  This was an even bigger time suck.  They were all so cute!  We were so funny and young.  Although, I basically complained about ailments, and made up songs about how I wished it was Friday in all of them.  S seemed super annoyed because I was basically ignoring him and just laughing out loud or saying, “Oh my gosh, we were so cute.”  “Hey, remember when you sent me this song?” “Look at this picture!” This lasted until we went to bed.

Then the morning came.  I’m not sure how it happened but I fell into the vortex of old blogs I’ve had.  When I was a teenager I had countless diaries. I’d start one and then didn’t like the tone of it and get a new one.  I have at least 2 shoeboxes full of diaries somewhere.  The same goes for my old blogs.  I started at Xanga, which seems to have erased all my content.  I moved to my first blogspot, then my second blogspot, and now I’m here.  I had to stop myself from going through all my archives and then checking out my friends’ old blogs.  I managed to escape the vortex of past neuroses after only an hour.

*Afterthought: I used to post pictures of myself and on this blog I really haven’t.  I’m wondering if I should/shouldn’t. Hmmm…


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