What’s Your Problem?

This afternoon I had coffee with a dear friend and learned so much about her experience and challenges with her family.  It was a soul baring conversation and it really reminded me that everyone has their challenges in life, whether it be with one’s family, marriage, health, career…there is not a single person out there who leads a charmed life.  And if they appear to, they are really great at creating illusions.

This is not news, I know.  But, I cannot help but dwell on this fact of life for just a minute more.  It makes me so grateful that my challenges are not with my family.  My challenge is with my reproductive organs.  It’s such a relief that my family helps make that challenge a little more manageable as opposed to magnifying it.  I guess it also makes me wonder why we get faced with the problems that we do, and whether I would be as strong as someone else who is faced with something entirely different.  These are all thoughts that will lead me nowhere.  I just wanted to say, whatever your problem/challenge is, keep being strong in spite of it.  You are made into a more amazing person for it.



3 thoughts on “What’s Your Problem?

  1. One time when we were chatting, you told me “you’re always given just what you can handle.” I think we were talking about our husbands, but I always think of that. 🙂

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