Stuff Your Face: Toulouse Petit

Seattle has been the demise of my waistline, and it is mostly due to this one word/meal–Brunch.  Since S doesn’t have to work weekends up here, we pretty much go to brunch every weekend.  (Also destroyed–our credit card bill)  A few weekends ago our friends took us to their favorite spot, Toulouse Petit.  I’d heard of this place before, but found it really hard to stray from our usual weekend brunch at Macrina.  I’m so glad our friends brought us here, because to put it in their words, “it is orgasmic.”

Between the two of us, one of us usually gets a savory item, while the other gets a sweet, and we share.  Our friends convinced us that at Toulouse Petit, each person should really order their own savory, and then share the french toast for “dessert.”  Who has dessert for brunch? We decided to just take their advice and go for it.  We’ve been working on expanding our tummy space recently anyway, I was sure we could handle it.

I started with the spicy shrimp skillet with creamy grits.  I was surprised at how spicy and delicious this skillet was.  (I’ve found very few places that do spice and flavor well in this city.)  But the real show stopper were the creamy grits.  creamy…grits…

image 2

I scarfed every last bit of this down, and then it was time for dessert: caramel french toast.


I’m not usually that into dessert (I’m not gonna call it a breakfast food, because it is really as decadent as a cake), but this french toast was so tasty!  If you happen to visit Toulouse Petit for brunch, which you definitely should, I have but two tips for you:  be prepared to wait or come early, and definitely get two plates!

Apparently they have “One of the Best Happy Hours in the Nation,” and being a sort of Happy Hour fiend, I’m gonna have to come back and check that out.

Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge
601 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109


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