Online Personality Quizzes? Sign Me Up!

Remember in college when you spent hours procrastinating by taking online quizzes?  Which flower are you?  What dog breed are you?  What type of shoe are you?  I took every quiz under the sun, just to “learn” more about myself.  How self-absorbed can one kid be?  Well, it’s been years  since I’ve gotten into the “who am I?” “what kind of person am I?” phase.  I think I know myself pretty well at this point in my life.  I’ve had 3 decades to figure it out.  (Not to say that we’re not constantly evolving creatures)  So when Fox in the Hen House posted about her animal personality type, I just had to follow suit.  Ahhhh, nostalgia.

Finding out about my animal personality was a two step process.  I had to go here first to get my basic personality rating. Turns out I’m an ISFJ (Introvert, duh; Sensing, ok; Feeling, no kidding; Judging, sigh).  Then I went to this site to decode it into animal terms.  Turns out this is me:

 ISFJ: Deer

ISFJ: Deer

ISFJs are quiet, observant, and thoughtful. They are interested in maintaining order and harmony, avoiding fast-moving cars, and respecting everyone’s feelings. They are often described by the few people who know them deeply as being incredibly sensitive and trustworthy.

I think the “avoiding fast-moving cars” is spot on.  But seriously, how cute am I?


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