My last post was pretty defeatist.  Maybe that’s not the right word.  We had just sort of resigned to whatever our last attempt would bring.  Though, neither of us was expecting too much.  Our friends and family were praying for us, thinking of us, supporting us.  We were in the moment, not two steps ahead, nor dwelling on the past.  We had finally come to the point where we really believed:
300ec4d8414493ac8b9d4af263ed61afAnd the universe, God, our bodies had mercy on us.   The cycle turned out to be one of the best we had ever had.  IVF #1 was canceled because only 3 eggs matured.  We didn’t even make it to retrieval.  IVF #2 made it to retrieval, but the 3 eggs were abnormal/immature.  These were bleak statistics.  So, you can imagine that we just had to give it up to the fertility gods this time.  IVF #3 was a shocker.  I actually developed 12 eggs! A freakin’ dozen! Like a hen.  In the end, 8 were retrieved, 7 were mature and fertilized.

We let our future babies grow to blastocyst stage.  If you let your embryos grow to blastocyst there’s a great chance you will lose most of them.  Only the strong survive, and from what I could tell about 35-40% survive to this stage.  On day 5 (the typical day Blastocysts develop) we only had 2.  Since our RE wanted us to transfer 2 at a time, this meant we had one shot to make a baby.  ONE.  We were happy for the chance, but a little frightened that one chance wasn’t enough.  But, we were grateful that we had gotten this far.  Just. so.  grateful!

Then something magical happened.  The 3 remaining embryos were given one last day to develop, and they did! Now we have 5 embryos (potential children) in the freezer.  We didn’t transfer any yet, because my body needs to recover from all these crazy meds I’ve been on.   Now a Frozen Embryo Transfer is in our future.  (something we’ve never had the chance to experience)  While we are overjoyed with having made it through the first few hurdles of this cycle, we know that the next step is probably the hardest.  We are really trying not to get ahead of ourselves, or become obsessive worry warts about the process (That’s really directed at me.  I’m totally obsessing over whether to do a medicated vs. natural FET.  Help, anyone?).

We are so thankful that we’ve come this far, and I truly believe it’s because of every single person that has kept us in their thoughts and prayers.  We are so lucky to have so many great people sending hope and positive energy into the world for us.  We hope you can keep it up for just a little longer.  We’re almost there.


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