Chevron Baby Quilt

Babies are cute.  Just as cute, are things made for babies.  I absolutely love making baby gifts. Maybe I like these projects so much because they are tiny and easy to complete, or maybe I like imagining the baby cherishing something their auntie made just for them.  Maybe I like living vicariously through all my friends who are now mommies.  Who knows?  All I know is, I love making cute little things for cute little babies.  This project was definitely the cutest thing I’ve attempted thus far.
PicMonkey Collage



The best part about this project is that the directions are completely free online, and it’s actually a great beginners’ quilt.  You can find it at Generation  Q magazine.  It was the first time I attempted to make a quilt without ties  (I normally use yarn to tie the layers together.) and it turned out great!

I hope the little munchkin I made it for loves her quilt as much as I love the quilt my great grandma made for me.  Mine has holes all over it from decades of use.  It has gotten me through sleepless nights, and is softer than any other blanket I own.  When I was a kid I believed my quilt was magical.  (Not  for any reason you’re thinking.)  It was magical because it was always the perfect temperature.  When I was cold, it warmed me up, and somehow when I was hot, it cooled me down.  I called it my “extra blanket,” because I had it on my bed every night just in case I got hot or cold.  I used that “extra blanket” until I graduated grad school and it became just too fragile for everyday use.  It now sits in a box tucked away for emergencies.  I don’t know where my “extra blanket” got its magical powers from, but I hope this quilt has some magic of its own.


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