Always Tardy to the Party


Many of you already know this, but Breaking Bad recently had its series finale.  You were all probably eagerly awaiting the final episode.  Well, not me! I’m just getting started.  This show is pretty good too.  Although, I’m gonna say it does lack romance.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I suffer from a condition that requires me to hate on anything and everything that is popular until it has been around so long that I find myself being brainwashed by all the hype and ads.  This is not limited to TV shows either.  It includes fashion, hairstyles, makeup trends, music, the list goes on…  I’m not sure why, but I immediately have a distaste for anything that EVERYONE loves.  I guess I just love underdogs.  Here are just a few examples of bandwagons I jumped on as everyone else was jumping off:

1. Harry Potter

I refused to read any of the books, or see any of the movies.  Once all of them were available on television, and ABC family had marathons every weekend, I became a convert.  I can’t believe I refused to watch these movies for so long! They really DO transport you to another world.

2.  Project Runway

I avoided all talk about who my favorite designer was for the longest time.  Now that the show has moved to the Lifetime channel (a channel just about no one tunes into) I’m SO all over this show.  Sure, it’s season 12 and no one has any clue what I’m talking about, but boy, that Dom really deserved to win!

3.  Scandal

I’m not sure if this is an actual trendy show, but my friend convinced me I “had”  to watch it.  My eyes are currently bloodshot after watching 7 episodes in one day.  (The romance factor is definitely what keeps me into this one)

4.  Walking Dead

After everyone and their brother was hooked on this show, we finally tuned in during season 3, just in time for everyone to be disappointed by season 4.

5.  Breaking Bad

Shhh, don’t tell me what happens.

6.  Basically any pop song that gets played on repeat on the radio

Katie Perry is the biggest culprit, but anything that gets played every hour on a top 40s station will do.  I’ll hate it for about a month, and after I’ve subconsciously memorized all the lyrics after hearing it played a thousand times, I’m a believer.  “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire..”


2 thoughts on “Always Tardy to the Party

  1. You are sooo funny. You call It rooting for the underdog, I call it being a hater lol. There is no underdog in these situations.

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