Weak or Lovable?


Isn’t it cute? Sometimes I think this adorable little mouse is how people see me.  Just the other day, I met some of S’s coworkers for the first time.  The first thing one of them said was, “You’re so little and cute!”  Um, thanks?  I’m not complaining, I spend hours looking at cute animal clips and memes.  Who can resist wanting to cuddle something cute?  My question is, what is it about me that makes people label me and want to help me?

It seems no matter where I go, especially in the workplace, one protective soul finds me and makes it their mission to protect me from becoming overwhelmed or overrun by others.  S refers to my last “protector” as my “fairy godmother”, and now it seems I’ve gained a “mama bear” at my new workplace.  I am so grateful that people think I am worth their time, energy, and love.  It is truly touching that I get so much help from others.  But, I do wonder why this happens to me, almost everywhere I go.

Theory #1: I come across as a weakling, who needs a lot of help to keep her head above water.  

Maybe my tendency to get stressed out at practically nothing inspires people to want to lessen the load for me.  I think my current mama bear thinks this of me.  She saw this frail little kindergartener playing at recess and said, “I feel like when you and your husband have kids, it’ll be a gentle and little kid like her.”  haha! can’t get much clearer than that.  I must appear as a frail person needing help from others.  No worry though, the little girl managed to roll a barrel up hill all by herself.

Theory #2: I make myself more vulnerable than most people allow themselves to be.

If something bothers me or if I’m overwhelmed, I tell people about it.  Lots of people try to work things out on their own, but I need input.  I’m also really hard on myself.  I don’t gloat or exude confidence, and in fact usually lead conversations with questions or criticisms of myself.  Hmmm…now that I’m writing this, I definitely think people might see me in a certain light because of how I portray myself.  I never tell them of my strengths or successes.  I always considered that bragging, but maybe that’s why people only see my weakness.

Theory #3: I cry a lot.

This might be the same as theory 2, in that I don’t hide my emotions.  If something is upsetting I cry about it.  I don’t even care who sees.  If you’re afraid of tears, maybe you are the weakling.

Theory #4: People think I’m physically little.

I don’t buy this one.  I’m not that small! I’m 5’3″ yet people always think I’m smaller than them, even if, I am in fact, taller.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a giant personality, and am more introverted?  Yea, I think this one might bother me the most.

Whatever the reason, people want to come to my rescue.  I have no problem with that, as long as they know that I don’t need it, but do appreciate it.  I almost wish I was a seemingly strong, domineering woman, but I’m actually really comfortable being who I am.  Plus, you get these people who support you and encourage you, and it’s quite nice.



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