I’m Afraid of Children


Okay, not all children, but the children in the 4th and 5th grade at the school I work at, in the lunch room, being crazy.  I’m afraid of them.  I am usually a pretty badass teacher who can handle most behavior problems.  Kids need structure, I say, and I give it to them.  But at this school where no child is made to ever have a consequence for his or her unwanted behavior, well, I’m clueless.  I think I’ve crippled myself by overthinking things, and now the students see the fear in my eyes at the beginning of every lunch time.  Today they decided to all break out into song and make the lunchroom a torture chamber for my ears.  (I tried to make them stop, but they just started back up again 1 minute later).  They were singing the “Sideburns” song.  I have included it below, but if you have half a brain, you will absolutely hate it.  I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.  God, I despise 4th and 5th graders.


Now a few of them have taken to rolling their eyes when I ask them to do something like, “listen up” or “clean up.”  Today, one kid even started mocking my word choices to his neighbor.  Granted, I made pretty terrible word choices because I was sweating like a pig with fear that no one was going to follow my directions.   Basically, this 25 minutes of my day is the absolute worst.  I’m pretty sure that the 1 1/2 hours a week I spend doing this shortens my life span by at least a month.  Apparently last year, they had two people helping with student supervision, but this year it’s just me.  I’m not sure if I should talk to my boss about it again or just suffer through the next 100 days in silence.

I’m very intuitive and I have the sense that each child in that room has this very thought when they see me:



One thought on “I’m Afraid of Children

  1. oh man you had me laugh out loud…especially when you describe your suffering because it is ALL by choice!!! You do not NEED to be working hahahhaa silly

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