Settling In To Our New Home

Three months ago we moved into our new place.  (Geez, I can’t believe it’s been three months! Only 9 more. gasp!)

This is what it looked like when we moved into all 690 sq. feet of our place.


It kind of looks like a little box doesn’t it? Our whole apartment is pretty much 3 of these boxes connected to one another.  It’s more less than half the size of our home in California, but I kind of find it cozy.  Biggest perk of living in an oversized closet is that cleaning up is a cinch.  I really feel like Susie Homemaker here.  One bathroom, one bedroom, and carpets that can be vacuumed in 5 minutes.  Yea, I think I can handle that.

The worst part about living in an oversized closet?  Trying to make all your stuff fit.

photo copy

While we left about half of our stuff in California, we still had to play some Tetris to get all our things to fit in this space.  Don’t look under our bed, couch, or dresser.  Basically stay away from any potential storage space because chances are it is jam packed with junk.  After a few months of cleaning, organizing, and hiding boxes.  We finally made our new apartment our new home.  Here it is!



The best part about our new home is that even though it’s teensy weensy, we’ve been able to open it up to friends and family.  That’s what makes it feel most like our home.  Already we’ve hosted my parents, my bestie, and my sister and her fiance are on their way.  I’m so excited to have more amazing adventures with all you lovelies who have yet to visit!


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