Beauty Buzz: Make Up For Ever, Rouge Artist Intense #40


Isn’t this what we all think we’ll look like after buying a new lipstick?  Well, I got the exact shade that this model is wearing, so I’m gonna be pretty close to looking like this for sure!

I recently went on a bike ride and brought my coral lipstick with me.  (Who does this? “Bike ride, you say? Just a moment, let me grab my lipstick.”) I guess on one of the bumps in the road it must have fallen out of my pocket.  Sadness.  It was a gift from my sister and I hadn’t even used up half of it.  It was a great color, but since it was a matte finish, it tended to get crackly and dry even when I moisturized and exfoliated.  Bye bye, Smashbox Megatint in Mimosa…sniffle.rouge-a-levres-smashbox

I tried to find the exact replacement, cause every girl needs a little coral in her life, but they didn’t have this line at the Sephora nearby.  I brought my girlfriends with me for some help, and even recruited one of the Sephora employees. (These employees are super helpful.  I said I wanted a coral/orange that wasn’t going to cost more than $20 and she had quite a few suggestions for me.)  In then end we steered away from a pink coral to more of an orange coral.  One might just call it “orange”.


I’m wearing it as I write this now, and I feel like I most probably look just like the model above.  So far I like the texture, not too dry and more of a creme rather than matte finish.  I think it’s the perfect color to welcome in the fall season.  At least that’s what my friend said.


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