Bishops Barbershop Bob

I had been trying to grow my hair out into long luscious locks for a while.  Everyone I know is aware of my struggles here.  I thought this time I could really make it.  I had been dedicated for more than a year.  My pixie cut was long out of sight, and my hair almost touched the tops of my shoulders!  But then I had to be on DHEA for three months, and my hair started thinning, and getting…gross, for lack of a better word.  It was thin and frizzy, and the longer it got, the less luscious it became.  So, I decided to chop it off.  I didn’t want to go pixie in time for a Seattle winter.  (Androgyny doesn’t feed my confidence)  I settled on a really short bob that would allow a good chunk of hair to peek out from under a beanie.

This is the photo I went with:



Pretty basic bob, with a little bit of edge and just the right amount of Frenchy chic.

I received a gift card to Bishops Barbershop and thought that the edgy barbershop might be the perfect place to get this new do.  Bishops is a Portland based barbershop with one location in Seattle.  It is the ultimate hipster hair spot.  And that picture up there is pretty darn hipster.  (Disclaimer: I am not a hipster, just like that hair style).

The hair stylists in this salon make an average nerd like me feel pretty dowdy.  I mean, I don’t have tattoos, or a jagged haircut.  I wear a bra, and I don’t normally go to live shows on a whim.  But, I’ll hand it to them, they were pretty nice and didn’t seem to judge my mainstream appearance.  My stylist in particular was great! super chatty and had a clear vision of how to make this cut work for my face.  She did a fantastic job painting on my color, she did it meticulously so that she wouldn’t get any color on my scalp.  It took her a full hour just to apply the color.  After 3 hours, my hair makeover was complete.  (3 hours seems to be the norm for cut and color, in my experience.  I think this is long, but it seems to always take me that long.)

My final opinion of my new hair:

  • She used the texturizing scissors a bit to frivolously (common mistake made on my hair)
  • The back is a bit uneven (one side is much shorter and layered than the other)
  • I love the length (she really tried to keep it longer for my “heart shaped” face)
  • The color is perfect (Goldwell color usually adds a nice shine)

But really, what did I expect when the images for this barbershop look like this:

bs-prop-ad-alex KATU-12493235-gallery1


I’ll probably give this shop another chance since the prices aren’t too steep and they use a great quality hair color.  Symmetrical haircuts are overrated anyway.


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