Beauty Buzz: Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner

I’ve been looking for a new eyeliner that would stay put.  I’ve been through a Lancome liner, a MAC liner, and a few Cliniques.  All of them gave me a great dark line that lasted just about 2 hours.  I’m an eye rubber, so that’s not working for me either.  The Lancome liner I had was the only one I had that was waterproof, and it seemed to hold up the best.  Only problem was, the twisty pencil never stayed sharp enough.  I gotta get the line super thin as my eyelids aren’t all that big. So I did a little research for a sharp waterproof black liner and found two contenders.  1.  Tarte EmphasEYES (I love Tarte cosmetics!) and 2.  This one:image

You like my awesome makeup bag? It’s a great gift from my friend so I can remember my LA roots.

I went with the Smashbox liner simply because it was more product.  I came home and immediately tried it out.  Here’s the lowdown:


  • Self sharpens to a nice point each time you twist it closed
  • glides on smoothly
  • can line your inner rim very easily
  • Nice dark color
  • Very little smudging
  • Long wear


  • If you twist the cap on too tightly the entire pencil tip breaks off wasting a whole lot of liner
  • I have very watery eyes and my lower line still disappears/smears after a few hours
  • The color isn’t quite as intense as other blacks

image1I don’t think I’ve found my go to liner yet.  Maybe next time I’ll try a waterproof MAC liner. 



4 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz: Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner

  1. Try the smashbox cream liner. It stays for hours and still looks sharp. (Cant rub your eyes though). I also like the ELF liner from Target. Also a cream liner, its a really dramatic black. Only thing is that it dries up after about 3 months. But it’s also $3 so that might be ok.

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