Birthday Getaway Day 3, Deception Pass and Chuckanut Drive

Our last day was spent in true road trip fashion.  It was a beautiful day, and the landscape just reminded me of how grand this planet really is.

We started at Deception Pass.  Here we saw amazing turquoise waters, curious sea lions, enormous cedars,  tons of kayakers, and pebbled beaches.


Look at that water!


 Deception Pass bridge that joins Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands

After taking in all this breathtaking splendor, we took the long way home by way of the Historic Chuckanut Drive.  Virtually every tourist stop on Whidbey Island has a free guide to this drive.  It goes up the coast through beautiful forest.  Along the way you can stop by cute little towns and see charming farms.  But the highlight for us was finding a tucked away gem called Taylor Shellfish Farms.

We debated whether to stop here, but found the Yelp reviews were too good to pass up.  We were utterly unprepared for this place, but managed to enjoy it anyway.  This farm is open everyday from 9-5 and has a few outdoor picnic tables with barbecues available.  You can go into the shop, buy delicious shellfish, and go out to the tables and enjoy them while looking out into Samish bay.

This beautiful day will forever be burned into my memory because the weather was perfect, and the oysters we bought were the most delicious oysters we had ever eaten!  (Plus, we learned how to shuck our own.  Priceless skill.)


oyster 1


Looking at these photos I can just taste the sweetness of these oysters.  mmmmm…. We are definitely going back.  Only next time, we’re coming prepared with wine, bread, and cheese.  Who’s in?


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