Birthday Getaway Day 2, San Juan Island

Ever since we’ve moved to Seattle (all of 2 months now), people keep telling us to visit the San Juan Islands.  This was not in my plan for “Birthday Getaway,” but I realized that there wasn’t a whole lot to do/see on Whidbey Island.  So, we took a spontaneous day trip to San Juan Island. We took the 1 hour and 15 minute ride by ferry to a gorgeous port.  It seems that leaving cloudy Whidbey behind made way for beautiful blue skies on San Juan.

*Side Note: San Juan Island is a great getaway for Seattleites all year round as Seattle gets 40 inches of rain per year and San Juan gets about 8-9.  I learned this from the guy that sold us tickets to a San Juan Island shuttle.

We had 6 hours on San Juan Island and did 3 things: 1.  ate  2.  visited a lavendar farm  and 3.  tried to spot whales off of the whale watching point.

1.  Let’s start with the most important part of our trip, eating.  We ate at Cask and Schooner. It was pretty yummy, with locally farmed fresh vegetables and meats.  (One of my favorite details about so many of the restaurants in the PNW)  I had a delicious beet and blue cheese salad, and S had a meat pie.   Oh yea, and we had delicious beers to accompany our meals.  (Another favorite detail about the PNW–craft beer everywhere!)  After we had fortified ourselves for our adventure ahead, we bought tickets to a shuttle service that makes stops at all the most touristy of places on the island.

2.  Our first stop was a lavender farm.  lavendar fieldsOkay, that first picture isn’t the lavender farm, but it WAS a farm at some point. (Not even sure where the photo of the farm was taken, just wanted to add it in there).   We were the only people to get off the shuttle at this stop, and the next shuttle wouldn’t be by for an hour.  We were a little fearful of how to fill up the hour looking at lavender.  We chose not to try any of the lavender ice cream or lavender lemonade here, or buy any of the lavender products in the gift shop.  Instead, we decided that paying $7 to harvest our own lavender would be a great way to spend some time.  In the end, we had to rush our lavender clipping to make the shuttle.  Picking the right stalk of lavender can be quite tricky.

3.  Next stop was Whale Watch Park.

san juan1

Okay, one of those photos is from the harbor, but I really liked it.

We had an hour here as well.  It was a great place for photo ops.  Beautiful trees, lovely lighthouse, and incredible vistas.  We didn’t spot any whales, but we took lots of photos anyway.  (Every 7 years there is a lack of Orcas in the San Juans due to lack of salmon.  This just happens to be one of the off years,  lucky us.)

I’m so glad we got the chance to experience San Juan Island.  Being spontaneous totally paid off.



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