Birthday Getaway Day 1, Whidbey Island

For the hubby’s birthday I wanted to surprise him with a weekend getaway.  Okay, not really surprise, I’m terrible with surprises.  I am such a people pleaser that I have to make sure it will be to his liking.  I kept asking, “Wanna go here or there? Wanna do this or that?” I guess the surprise was that I took charge and planned it.  Boy, did I plan it!

Here’s a little peek into our Friday afternoon.  We took the Mukilteo Ferry to Whidbey Island and drove up through lovely countryside farms and made it to our cute Bed and Breakfast in Oak Harbor, the Bluff on Whidbey Island.  It was our first time at a B&B.  I always had these romantic notions of what a B&B was and then I started searching for reservations and found that they are actually super cheesy/tacky themed rooms in some old lady’s house.  I found the Bluff on Whidbey Island and was pleasantly surprised.  It was really homey, but not tacky.  The hosts, Kathy and Larry, were a very sweet couple who offered us chocolate chip cookies and tea upon arrival (way to win us over).


Here are some snapshots of our stay:


The amazing view from our room.  I loved the furniture.




There were cute details all over the property, like the tree swing and adirondack chairs.  They also had hand carved signs labeling the trees and flowers.  You could tell Kathy and Larry put lots of thought into their B&B.


This is Rocky, the resident cat.  He almost made me wish I wasn’t allergic to cats.  

The views of the ocean were spectacular, and the room was spacious and comfy.  The best part was getting to eat breakfast in bed the next morning.

bb1 bb5

Decadent breakfast thanks to Kathy.

Oh yea, and we explored the Island a bit in the evening.

whidbey1Gorgeous silver sunset.

That was Whidbey Island for us, a great way to start our weekend journey.


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