Going Granola: Spencer Island



Any one of my friends can tell you that I am NOT outdoorsy.  I don’t like running, I haven’t gone camping in nearly two decades, and I will never go on a serious trek.  So you can imagine their surprise when they see my instagram feed flooded with pictures of nature.  The other day one of my friends actually said, “You’re going to come back decked out in hiking gear.”  Knowing how much I love fashion and shopping, I found this statement to be a bit drastic.  (Although I have noticed that if you really want to get into serious hiking, you DO need some weather appropriate and practical clothing.  Who knew there was a hiker look?  When you see us in our tanks and jeans you know we don’t mean business in the wild. Hmmm…perhaps I should invest in some good hiking gear….)

Anyway, the first trail we decided to explore was on Spencer Island in Everett.  You can find a great guide here.  I chose this trail because it seemed totally easy, as well as picturesque.  It’s supposedly a great place to go birding.  (Birding is a sport/hobby in which really obsessive compulsive people find joy in identifying various birds by their appearance, calls, etc.  In fact, some people make it an extreme sport.)  All I saw were a bunch of geese and brown birds, albeit various shades of brown.  I lie, one had some blue on it. We had a great time on this trail, as it was completely flat.  We even packed a lunch of trail mix, boiled eggs, hummus, and carrots.  (I think this was the day I decided I wanted to lose weight)

The best part of this whole trail was the ambient music.  Oh yes, there was a soundtrack to this trail that we found to be a riot.  As we got closer to the stream, so did the sound.  We weren’t sure where exactly it was coming from, but it sounded like a dude belting out country song lyrics to a cd he had on full blast.  He must have been practicing for a karaoke performance he had going on later that day.  Songs about tractors and backwoods filled the trees, and I imagine scared some birds away.  My one wish was to see this man who I imagined wearing a red flannel shirt with the sleeves torn off, dirty jeans, work boots, and a trucker hat.

All in all, this was a really great walk in the sun.  I think when it rains, and the ponds fill with more water, the views are even more amazing.

*warning: If you decide to do this trail, don’t be thrown off by the sewage treatment plant at the entrance.  Once you pass that, it’s really quite beautiful and serene…really.


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