Friend Sketch #3: The Worldly Journalist

art by Shelly Beauvais at

art by Shelly Beauvais at

One of the first friends I connected with here was the Worldly Journalist. Before she came to Seattle, she was an actual tv journalist in Pakistan. Impressed yet?

We met at a building barbecue and I knew we were going to get along when she high fived me within the first 10 minutes of meeting.   I was complaining about how hard it was to park in these tiny spots in our garage, and that I actually already scraped my fender.  Her response was, “I know, what do they think we all drive Mini Coopers?” To which I replied, “I DO drive a Mini Cooper.” We laughed and high fived.  Great way to make a new friend.  Since then, she has also high fived over the declining childhood obesity rates in the US.  She’s pretty awesome!

Eating well is very important to the Worldly Journalist, both eating well at home and dining out.  It’s no wonder she’s an amazing cook.  If I ever need to know how to cook lentils, I ask her.  “Any good recipes for carrots?” She’s sure to have one.   She has even  come to my house to teach me how to make a Pakistani salmon curry.  (Nevermind that she actually just made it for me :P, double bonus!) She makes our building seem like a real neighborhood with her friendly smile and hugs.

Friend Sketch of the Worldly Journalist

Age range: 28-31

Marital Status: Married

Favorite Hobby: Going out to dine/making delicious meals

Favorite Store: Macy’s

Occupation: Public Relations/Journalist

Brief Description:  The Worldly Journalist is well educated, well spoken, and easy going.  She enjoys chatting and hanging out at a cafe. She’s always up for a walk to the library or a trip to Target.  But, when you meet up with her make sure you spent some time on your hair and makeup.  She is always perfectly coiffed–hair, makeup, and nails. (I think she may have a lipstick to compliment each of her outfits.) Don’t worry though, she will not forget to compliment you on your ensemble as well, which will make you feel that you both look good.

When you move to Seattle, she should definitely be the person you ask for a salon recommendation.

She has proven to be my go to friend in Seattle for a spontaneous outing about town.


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