Friend Sketch #2: The Southern Belle



Before I moved to Seattle, I didn’t realize there would be so many people transplanted here from all over our country and the world.  It seems people have come to this city from all over (especially to work in the booming tech industry).  I find myself meeting more people from very different walks of life here than I did in Los Angeles (that might be because I didn’t really meet that many new people in LA, being the introvert that I am).

But here I have made lots of new friends.  One such friend hails from the South.  I don’t think I’ve ever been friends with someone from the South.  It’s kind of fun.

Friend Sketch of the Southern Belle

Age range: 25-29

Marital Status: Married

Favorite Hobby: Going to events (baseball games, dance shows, festivals)

Favorite Store: Free People

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Brief Description:  The Southern Belle really knows how to make you feel like fast friends.  She uses colloquialisms I remember learning when I was a kid, and has a genuine warmth about her that is so welcoming.  She laughs at every joke you make, sometimes with such fervor you’d think you might have a go at being a stand up comic.  She is also extremely excitable and becomes giddy at the mention of real southern sweet tea.  In public she is always extremely polite.  Although I don’t think people these days appreciate politeness (or at least people in the West).

One time while we were in line at a public restroom she actually offended the person in front of us by calling her “ma’am.” “UH, I think it’s weird that you called me ma’am, since I’m like the same age as you.” Is it weird? We thought it was hysterical.

When you move to Seattle, she will probably be the first person to greet you with a warm smile and an invitation to lunch.

Most Admirable Quality: The ease with which she can maneuver a crowd and make you feel comfortable.

I need to learn this skill, instead of being the awkward maker.




6 thoughts on “Friend Sketch #2: The Southern Belle

  1. A few years back I made friends with two dudes from New Orleans. They were sweet and polite almost all the time– their one flaw? They had a very specific type of lady they were looking to date. You can prob predict what kind, too.

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