Coffee Klatch: Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro of Capitol Hill

Caffe Ladro of Capitol Hill

I have to say, Capitol Hill has quite the collection of characters.  Take the purple and green guy sittin with the old dude for example.  Talk about an odd pair.  This guy was covered in tattoos and had really big chains on with that outfit.  I couldn’t pinpoint what look he was going for, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he was a Carnie.

Anyway…back to the coffee.  Caffe Ladro is one of those places that gets served in various restaurants around town, like Stumptown, Caffe Vita, and Starbucks.  Just like every authentic coffee house here, their drink menu is pretty limited.  I ordered a short latte with rice milk.  It was definitely yummy! It wasn’t as bitter as Starbucks, definitely not as strong as Caffe Vita.  It was a nice mellow drink for a midday treat.

It’s only a few doors down from Victrola (same block).  This can be hard for an indecisive  consumer like myself.  But I think I’ve figured if I want a nice pour over (hipster coffee) I’ll go to Victrola, and if I want a mellow latte (normal people coffee) I’ll head to Caffe Ladro.


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