Coffee Klatch: Bedlam Coffee



On my quest to find the perfect cup of joe, I stumbled upon this eclectic coffeehouse in Belltown.  They roast their own beans, so I was excited to give it a try.  First off, the ambience was really fun.  Even finding the coffee lids was a game.  (I looked all over the counter and when I looked up they were hanging from the ceiling in a basket.)  The baristas were the friendliest I had come across at any pretentious coffeehouse.  They were helpful, and kind, unlike at Victrola where they look at you like you’re mad if you ask for a small coffee not realizing it’s one size only.

I was excited to try this place because I heard they had a lavender mocha latte.  They also had some other really delicious looking lattes.  This perhaps may have been clue #1.  At most pretentious coffee houses, they won’t even put vanilla syrup in your latte because they don’t want to ruin the true coffee flavor.   I did not realize this until too late.  I ordered a lavender mocha latte for myself and an iced americano for the hubs.  The latte was waaaaay too sweet, but the americano seriously tasted like tar water.  Hence the need for all sorts of sweetened drinks.

Verdict: great place to hang out with a sweet drink, not so great for amazing coffee.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Klatch: Bedlam Coffee

  1. Hey there,

    So I happened across your post and kind of felt I had to comment. For starters I do not think that your assessment of establishments that refuse to serve sweetened drinks vs. those that do is very fair or very objective. Most pretentious coffee houses are really just that pretentious and that is about it–and Bedlam is not pretentious at all.
    I think people forget– especially with all the recent 3rd wave BS is that coffee is many things not just one thing and extremely subjective.

    Bedlam serves “Italian Style” espresso, with its thick crema being the main focus.
    This also means it is the classic bold flavors that are most pronounced i.e. nutty or chocolaty. (Café Umbria would be another place for this.)

    Unfortunately, an iced Americano is not probably the best showcase for this style of coffee prep. As soon as any shot hits the ice it tends to get more bitter–hence why a lot of conscientious baristas will try and talk you out of ordering one.
    Bedlam also does not like it when other places just add more water when you order a large Americano they also add more espresso.. All their shots are doubles except for large sized Americanos which they pull quad for–they will usually warn you actually just in case you cannot handle the caffeine.
    All their iced drinks as you noted default to large regardless of what you ordered…mostly because in any large iced drink you actually only get less actual drink…therefor your husbands iced Americano should have had 4 shots in it to make up for the size. So yes maybe it was tar water if you are not expecting it but they only made what you asked for.
    (The cold brew is way better for that sort of drink to be honest)
    They do offer a light roasted coffee as well to accommodate the changing palate these days.
    I would say they really are about experimenting and trying to get people out of their comfort zone. If you don’t like something they won’t make you drink it and will readily make something else for you.

    I think you were to quick to discount their coffee

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