Nature is Amazing

This week, I took a trip to Alki Beach with some ladies from my eclectic craft group.  I’ve been wanting to check out this beach since everyone has been telling me it reminds them of California.  Uh, got there, and NO, it is nothing like California.  At least not the Los Angeles beaches I know.  It’s actually a little more awe inspiring and a bit more beautiful.   (In a way)



While there isn’t any sand, and absolutely no palm trees, there IS driftwood, eel grass, nori, mottled anemones, endless starfish, sunflower sea stars, crabs, moon snails, and floating islands of evergreens and mountains in the distance.  I’ve never seen a beach like it.  I can’t do my favorite beach activities here (e.g. lay out and get a nice crisp tan) but I can learn about the incredible creatures that share this world with me.  Thanks to the Beach Naturalists of the Seattle Aquarium I got to learn a lot about the wildlife in the area.  It was an unusually low tide this day, so the Beach Naturalists were out in full force to educate the visitors on the shore.  I learned a lot, and saw creatures I never even knew existed.

Like this one:

3Awesome right?

And then there were these weird anemones called ‘mottled anemones,’ a far cry from the cute ones in the South Bay.

imageKind of gross huh?

It was really neat to see the diversity of life on this beach, it reminded me how amazing this planet truly is.

the most enormous starfish I've ever seen

the most enormous starfish I’ve ever seen




3 thoughts on “Nature is Amazing

  1. Looks like a pretty amazing beach! And glad to hear you’ve already made some new friends. Don’t forget about us down here, though. 😉

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