The Coffee Klatch: Uptown Espresso

One of my absolute favorite things about Seattle is the coffee culture.  I’m relatively new to the coffee world.  I refused to drink it up until my mid twenties, but now just the idea of a good cup of coffee makes me giddy.  For me, there’s a romantic notion attached to this drink.  It brings to mind cafes in Paris, a respite from a busy day, a decadent pick me up, a great conversation, a stroll in the park with a loved one and a latte.  It’s all of these things, along with a little kick for that extra pep in your step.  Mmmmm….I could use a latte right about now.

My mission during my year in this city is to find the best locally roasted beans in town.  This is quite a task.  There is literally a cafe on every block! Lucky for me, many of them serve the same beans.  Phew! So far I’ve tried a few of the famous roasters.  But today, my focus is Uptown Espresso  “Home of the Velvet Foam”.  They’re famous for their Caffe Generra (a mocha latte with their signature velvet foam and fresh orange zest sprinkled on top.)  But as you know, I’m on a mission and I didn’t want all that sweet stuff messing up my judgment, so I got a good ole latte.  It took me a while to decide to go dairy or almond milk (another beautiful thing here is that every cafe has almond milk, rice milk, or soy as a dairy substitute–so enlightened).  I went with the regular milk latte, and it was pretty creamy and delicious.  All in all a good latte, but not my favorite roast so far.

imageYou should try it for yourself, they have 8 locations in Seattle.  Maybe get that special mocha latte.


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