Weekend Fun: Ballard Seafood Fest, Silver Jubilee, and UCU

Seattleites love their summers.  Even though it only lasts 2 months (maybe slightly more), they fill each sunny moment with some sort of festival.  I haven’t experienced the winter months here yet, but today S tells me the average high for September through May is somewhere in the 50s.  This explains a lot.

It explains why every single weekend of summer you can find at least 2-3 festivals to go to, and it definitely explains why when you go to these festivals they are packed! This weekend I hit up three.  Yes, three festivals/events in two days.  

The first one we went to was the Ballard Seafood Fest.  By the way, the same time the Seafood fest was going on there was also a Beer Fest, an art walk, and a small Bastille day gathering.  (see what I mean)  We walked around a bit and found tons of vendors and seafood stands.  We stuffed our faces with crab cakes, shrimp caesar salads, and seafood gumbo.  Yum!

Later that night we made our way to the Sub Pop 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee in Georgetown.  I really wanted to see Father John Misty and my old college favorite, Built to Spill.  We were able to catch a few songs from both.  Best of all, this event was totally free! I’ve paid some serious bucks for festivals like this in LA.  We discovered some delicious pizza there too: Via Tribunali.  Pizza and beer helped top off this amazing day for sure. 

Today, I vowed to go to the Urban Craft Uprising, with or without a buddy.  Luckily I found two buddies to go with:) It was a much smaller event than I’m used to in Los Angeles, but it was also FREE! Most of the Craft fairs in LA charge an entrance fee.  I bought a cute little card for S, and a cute little ring for me:

imagePardon the blurry pictures, I still haven’t figured out how to take a decent photo.  At some point I expect they’ll get better.

This ring was at a stand with tons of cute/delicate pieces all made by this French woman, Virginie Millefiori.  She has an online shop if you want to check it out. Here packaging is adorable too!

1I’d say, if you want to visit Seattle, summer is definitely the time to do it.




4 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Ballard Seafood Fest, Silver Jubilee, and UCU

  1. You’re using an iphone for photos right?! How exactly are they blurry, girl?

    With whom did you go to the craft show?! Making buddies already, yay!

    • I think when I put them through certain apps, the image quality gets messed up. I went with one of my neighbors and her friend who are both textile designers. It was super fun!

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