Celebrate: Our Country’s Independence

As newbies to Seattle, we wanted to do something to celebrate the 4th of July.  Having a BBQ was out of the question as we had no one to invite.  Going to a BBQ was also not an option as we knew no one in the area to invite us to one.  A Google search led me to the Seafair Summer 4th at Gasworks Park.

Gasworks Park

Crazy lines for nasty food (bring your own!)

I thought it sounded perfect: food vendors, pie eating contest, fireworks.  It wasn’t until after my Instagram posts that people told me we had made a terrible mistake. (guess locals who have friends stay very far away from this event). We got there late, so we could eat dinner from what I thought were going to be food trucks, but what ended up being hot dog stands with lines that were out of control.  The hill in the park was basically an ant hill. Imagine all these people waiting in line for food.

Where am I gonna sit?

Where am I gonna sit?

Fireworks didn’t start until 10:20 since the sky doesn’t get dark up in the Pacific Northwest till then. So, we had some time on our hands to people watch and enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

The fireworks were well worth the wait, we both thought it was the best show we’d seen.  The music was hilarious, but the pyrotechnics were really impressive.

Here’s another thing we noticed that was a far cry from our past experiences celebrating the fourth in Los Angeles: people here are actually patriotic.  I mean, face painting, star spangled banner bikini wearing, PATRIOTIC.  We tried to figure it out, and could only attribute it to the large percentage of white people in the PNW.  Less immigrants = more patriotic? Not sure.  It was an interesting phenomenon to ponder.

All in all we had a great time, even if we were just one of the ants on the hill.  

4th 3


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