In Seattle it’s Still 1999

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is stuck in the 90s here. But, it IS still cool to be stuck in the 90s here, if that’s your thing. I’m realizing more and more that, yes, that IS my thing.  Sometimes.

Here’s a particular trend that I am loving, and want to partake in, and most certainly did (in the 90s): Clogs.

When I was in 11th grade I got a pair of red clog sandals that I wore quite often.  I would have worn them more, but they were the Bongo brand from Mervyn’s and they weren’t comfortable at all.  Now that I’m all grown up and can afford a decent pair of shoes, the opportunities for clogs are endless.  If you are concerned that I will look like a freak on the streets of Seattle, fear not friend, in this land of recycled fashions clogs are not altogether out.  (Though I would not consider them IN either.)

I do have a dilemma you might be able to help me with.  I found a pair of clogs I loved on the shelf and only kind of loved when I tried them on:

I loved the color, and the feel, and they were SO comfy.  I liked them well enough, but S put the nix on them.  He gave a sourpuss face when I modeled them for him, and I couldn’t justify spending $149 on a sourpuss face.

These shoes got me on a clog frenzy.  I discovered that the Swedish brand of clog, Maguba, is much more affordable (if you can call $149 affordable) than the ever so popular Swedish Hasbeens, which you can find everywhere, including Madewell stores.

These Hasbeens will run you $219.  $149 I could argue with myself to purchase as a splurge, $219 is a price I’d justify paying for a beautiful pair of boots. Sandals or clogs?  Forget it!

My obsessive compulsive tendencies led me to a 2 hour search for Maguba clogs online.  I visited the same sites over and over, and even my web browser started to track how many times I had visited each page (never noticed that feature before, way to make me feel like a stalker, google).

Since I can’t trust the judgement of S on the topic of clogs, and since you probably hate clogs too, first look at these outfits, then tell me which ones I should invest in.

My Clog Look Book (for haters of clogs):

Look #1 wear them with a vintage inspired outfit

Look #2  If you get the traditional clogs (but with this awesome fringe) you can wear them with sheer or opaque tights and look chic

Look #3  You can get the sandals clogs and wear them with socks (my favorite look of all!)

Now my question for you:  Which one of these styles can allow me to do all three looks, and get the most bang for my buck?

Maguba Barcelona:

Maguba Rio:

Maguba Bologna:

Maguba Chicago:

So…what’s your preference?  Or at the very least, which one do you think won’t result in a sourpuss face on those I walk by?

More about how Seattle loves the 90s, later.


4 thoughts on “In Seattle it’s Still 1999

  1. I like the Bologna! I feel like the color choices made it look a little more contemporary, even if it is a clog.

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