A Woman’s Hair is Her Glory

At least that’s what my friend used to say.  And if you think about it, it’s a little true.  I mean, a great hair day can make or break your confidence (at least it can mine).  Yesterday I had a great hair day, and someone actually said I was “made of adorable.”  Imagine the pep in your step you can get from that!

So you’ll understand why I am freaking out about losing my hair in bunches these days.  I have been on DHEA supplements for about 1.5 months now.  Yes, DHEA is often given to men for erectile dysfunction, but it seems my old RE thinks it may help with making my eggs “younger.”

In case you forgot, I have some pretty damaged ovaries.  Not only overtaken by endometriomas, but also stuck to my abdomen wall and since my surgery, they are now performing badly (haha).  Seriously though, most women produce about 10-12 follicles each cycle and then their body chooses 1 to mature.  That used to be me, until my surgery.  I now make only about 4 on each, and judging from my last IVF, they are very poor quality.  My poor old eggies! So, of course I’m going to try taking this supplement to boost my chances of getting a healthy egg.

Only catch(es): the side effects.  They may include: growing facial hair, losing head hair, deepening voice, acne, aggressiveness, increased estrogen, irritability.  So far my skin has gotten a little oilier, I don’t think I’m raging, but may be irritable, but the scariest of all: I think I’m losing more hair.  I snapped a shot of how much hair I lose in the shower.  Mind you, I lose about the same amount after drying and styling my hair too.  It’s kind of a gross picture so I tried to make it cute with a filter and cute font.  (I don’t think it worked)


I bet you don’t lose this much hair.


4 thoughts on “A Woman’s Hair is Her Glory

  1. oh man!! i say skip washing and brushing your hair 🙂 why don’t you try using dry shampoo so you can prolong the days in between hair washing? or does that not help at all since we lose hair anyway we look at it? and why did your surgery make your ovaries stick to your abdomen wall??? your doc didn’t warn you about this? 😦

    • My ovary was stuck before surgery. He detached it, but sometimes it hurts so badly I think it reattached. Who knows!?

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