Bye Bye Condo

It has taken FOR-EV-ERRRRRR to get our condo to this point:


It’s been weeks leading up to this moment. I’ve come to realize that I SUCK at packing up and moving.  It pretty much takes me 1 hour to pack a single box, because I become overwhelmed and then paralyzed.  (This is a chronic problem)  Yesterday was the absolute last day we could be in our condo since the cleaners were coming at 6pm.  We were in there packing up stuff until 7.  Procrastinate much?

We are currently homeless, sleeping on parents’ floors and guest beds. One might think this was stressful, but I love staying at my parents’.  My mom takes pretty good care of me.  She brings me water, heating pads, takes me to lunch.  I wish she always lived with me! I’m pretty much getting the royal treatment.  Me and my new “sister” are cut from the same cloth.  We pretty much hang out like this all day:

My mom's dog/princess/baby

My mom’s dog/princess/baby



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