I Actually LOVE my Doctor

After all my trips to the Reproductive Endocrinologist, I finally had an excuse to see my Family Practice Doctor.  It was SOOO nice.  Since we are moving soon, I thought I’d get a regular physical and bloodwork done.  Since so many of my peers have high cholesterol or some other thing going on, I thought it wise to check it out now that I’m over 30 (gasp!).

First off, I absolutely love my doctor! I have been going to her since starting college at 17! That makes her my doctor for 13 years now.  She has definitely seen me through lots of different life stages.  She’s so personable, a great listener, and can be quite the chatty Cathy which I enjoy (as I’m practically a mute.)

Secondly, and probably most importantly, it was really nice to be reminded that my health and being is more than just my uterus and ovaries.  It was so wonderful to talk about the fact that I might be colonized by strep! haha! She did a culture to see if I just always have strep (smart move doc, cause I get it at least once a year).  She was actually concerned about my little weight loss.  She asked me why I thought it was happening, and I told her it’s because of this “fertility diet” I was recommended to reduce inflammation.  She said it was a bad idea, and that my body actually needs fat to house a baby.  So I’m gonna take it easy on the dieting.  It was such a relief not to be told to eat better, cut carbs, no gluten…I know it doesn’t mean that I have a free pass to eat junk, but it has reminded me that in focusing so much on baby, I’ve neglected the rest of my body.

I told her about how the RE told me my egg quality was poor and that my endo makes me a poor responder to fertility meds.  She actually looked at all my labs that the RE had drawn and told me that every single one showed healthy and normal levels.  (No early menopause here)  Her advice: relax in Seattle, and take a break from fertility treatments, because from her perspective she doesn’t see anything terrible.  (easier said than done)178d2425aae6afbe6dfd1d1d8bccdfe3

If you’re looking for an amazing doctor in the LA area, let me know.  My doc rocks!


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