The Great DiCaprio

This weekend my book club and I went to see the Great Gatsby.  After several failed attempts, we finally saw it in 3D.  Just what I always wanted…CGI cigarette smoke and confetti in my face.  (I kid.) I am glad we got to see it in the theater, if only for the amazing flapper dancing scenes and this:

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby

I’m not just talking about Leonardo DiCaprio (my first major obsession as a teen), no I’m also talking about his hair.  His hair became a character of its own, his bangs to be specific.  Sometimes floppy, sometimes drenched in rain and falling across his face, sometimes smoothly combed.

Just check out this intimate moment:

forget the brainless waif he's holding

forget the brainless waif he’s holding

That wavy bang just makes him look so vulnerable.  No longer neatly combed and stiff.  Oh no, he’s ready to bare his soul here.

The point of this post is as follows, Leonardo DiCaprio looks really good in the Great Gatsby.




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