Dream or Nightmare?

I’ve always heard that you never, EVER, dreamt that you yourself died.  Last night, however, I did just that.  I’ve had many dreams where loved ones pass on, and those are devastating.  I wake up with tears running down my face.  But last night’s dream was almost peaceful.

I was on a plane with my mom, sister, and brother.  The plane starts to go down, and everyone knows what comes next.  In the moments of the plane going down I remember praying, and feeling totally ready to move on to “the other side.”  In my dream, if you pray then you go to the other side automatically.  Only catch was, once there, you’d forget anyone who was still alive.  You wouldn’t be able to remember anything from your former life.  So in order to remember any semblance of your time on Earth, you’d have to collect things to remind you.  And if you didn’t want to leave yet, you could just hang around as a spirit and watch things happen as a ghost.

Well, as the plane went down in flames, we found my brother had survived but the rest of us had to go about deciding whether to pass on or stay and watch our loved ones.  I decided to pass on.  But first, I had to start collecting items to remember my life.  I took pictures and journals.  I remember thinking, “God, I’m so happy I kept a diary.  Now I will remember so much of my life!”

I never made it to the other side, because I woke up.  But it was such a weirdly pleasant dream.  Not sure if I should categorize it as a dream or a nightmare.  After all, I did die!


6 thoughts on “Dream or Nightmare?

  1. oy. if your diary is on tumblr then what happens if you forget to take the charger with you for your mobile device or laptop. anyway, take nyquil 🙂 boring dreams rock my world…the kind that you don’t remember.

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